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Chris Burrous was found dead in a hotel in Glendale, California on Thursday, December 27, at 43 years old. His cause of death has not been confirmed, KLTA confirms that police responded to a call about a man that wasn’t breathing.

Burrous is survived by a wife and a daughter, and has been mourned up and down the ranks of the KTLA news community. Though his cause of death is as of yet unknown, it is being investigated as a possible drug overdose, per Fox News. 

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Burrous’s Wife Was Mai Do-Burrous

Mai Do-Burrous was married to Chris Borrous at the time of his death. According to KTLA, the couple met in 1999 when Burrous joined KGET in Bakersfield, California, where Mai was working as a journalist.

She is featured frequently on his social media feed, as is his daughter. She has not issued a public statement.

In October, Burrous celebrated his 15-year anniversary with his wife, writing on Twitter, “Enjoying our 15th. Anniversary. She’s the yin to my yang. Thank goodness. Married in Bakersfield and next day our Asian reception at 888 in San Gabriel. I hope you have a good night”

2. Burrous & Do-Burrous Had One Child Together, Isabella

Burrous and his wife had one child together, 9-year-old Isabella. Like his wife, Isabella has occasionally been featured on his Instagram. Burrous even shared a video of his daughter in 2016 of her creating a project from a plain cardboard box. You can see the video below:

In other instances, Burrous referenced his daughter as his “second valentine,” and showed off her skills in writing her own song on the piano.

3. Burrous Was the Son of a Farmer & a NASA Engineer

According to CBS Sacramento, Burrous grew up in Central Valley, California, and was the son of a father who was a farmer, and a mother who was a NASA engineer.

CBS Sacramento further reports that “many” said Burrous was “born to be a broadcaster” from a young age. On April 6, Burrous shared a heartfelt post about his parents, and particularly his mother’s recent second mastectomy, to his followers.

The full post reads,

I don’t remember my Mom’s hands ever feeling this old. It really rattled me this week. My mom had a second mastectomy and I stayed with them to help with her drains, feeding and medication. She is doing really well.

Last night Dad made a good salad with Apple, mandarin and red onion and sliced filet with pepper and garlic. I don’t know how I am going to handle the heartbreak of being g a parent. Right now we are Isabella’s primary source of entertainment and comfort. Just like I remember my Mom’s strong hand pulling me through stores and such. But eventually we didn’t hold hands much. Now we do again, everything she is a struggle like this. I love being able to help. I am thankful my work bosses are kind and allow this. I know that someday the bad stuff won’t be able to be cut out, but I sure am thankful this time it could be. It’s funny the little tricks they used to use on me, now when I have to remove her bandage and I can tell there is a bit of gauze that will hurt, I get her talking about what she wants for dessert and when she says, chocolate, I rip the little gauze off. Oh parents and being and being a parent, whew tough on the heart.

4. The KTLA ‘Family’ Publicly Announced Burrous’ Death First

The KTLA family has made several public announcements following the death of Burrous.

Dan Corsini, the station’s president, issued a joint statement with News Director Jason Ball on the tragic event: “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Burrous family. Chris loved sharing the stories of Southern California and connecting with our viewers. He will be remembered as a great journalist and a wonderful friend to many. He brought a kindness to his work and will be deeply missed by the entire KTLA family”

Lynette Romero, one of the KTLA anchors who worked with Burrous, wrote on Twitter, “There are no words. When we took this picture during our show I had no idea it would our last time together. You made me laugh until I cried. My tears now are for your sweet little girl, your wife Mai and your dear parents. We will miss you so…”

Weekend meteorologist Liberty Chan said on the air, via KTLA, “I miss him so much. I’m sorry I don’t have the words to express exactly how I feel but he was more than just a colleague, he was one of my best friends here and I’m just so heartbroken over the loss of him.”

5. Burrous Worked at KTLA Starting in 2011, Anchoring on Weekends & Covering News in the Weekday Mornings

Burrous had worked at KTLA for seven years at the time of his death, per KTLA. Prior to his work at KTLA, he had spent 14 years as a reporter and anchor working at news stations across the country, primarily in the Central Valley area of California.

KTLA reports that Burrous asked for a transfer to California from where he was currently working at the New York Daily News in the early 2000s, because he wanted his daughter to grow up near her grandparents.


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