Eula Jarrett Identified as Driver in Fatal Arkansas Bus Crash

Eula Jarrett has been identified as the 65-year-old woman who is accused of losing control while driving a charter bus that drove over a ravine in Arkansas.

Over 45 people (mostly children between the ages of eight and 13) were sent to the hospital for injuries ranging from mild to severe, and one nine-year-old boy, Kameron “Kam Kam” Johnson, lost his life.

Jarrett has not yet been charged in relation to the event, but Arkansas State Police confirmed that they were speaking with her about the events that led to the crash.

Here’s what you need to know:

Jarrett Was Employed by Scott Shuttle Service, Which Had Been Penalized Twice in the Last Six Months for Violating Federal Transportation Regulations

Eula Jarrett

The charter bus was owned and operated by Scott Shuttle Service of Somerville, Tennessee. Jarrett was one of seven who are employed by Scott Shuttle Service; there are five charter buses in total owned by the company. The company was also fined two years prior in 2015 after inspectors were unable to find proof of an annual inspection sticker for some of the vehicles.

According to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Scott Shuttle Service was fined in July 2018 for allowing one of its drivers to operate a vehicle without a proper license, according to Commercial Appeal; it’s unclear which of those seven drivers was operating without a proper license. A year prior in November of 2017, the bus company was involved in a minor collision, though the driver of that bus did not receive a citation or any charges for the accident.

The most recent investigation into the bus company was in May 2018, when FMCSA ran four inspections within a general compliance review. The company was found to have violated a law by “knowingly allowing, requiring, permitting, or authorizing an employee to operate a CMV during any period in which the driver does not have a current CLP or CDL or does not have a CLP or CDL with the proper class or endorsements.”

Jarrett Is Accused of Telling Authorities She Lost Control of the Vehicle

In a set of statements on Monday following the crash, Arkansas State Police confirmed that the bus crash is under investigation. The statement confirmed that the Scott Shuttle bus was traveling from Dallas, where the boys’ football team had competed in a championship game over the weekend, back home to Tennessee.

The majority of the injured were treated and discharged from Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock, with no patients in critical condition as of Tuesday morning.

The police statement read in part, “An initial statement from the driver of a charter bus that crashed earlier today indicates she lost control of the vehicle causing it to roll off Interstate 30 west of Benton (Arkansas) about 2:40 AM.  The bus was owned by Scott Shuttle Service of Somerville, Tennessee.”

Jarrett has not yet made a public statement.

Kameron ‘Kam Kam’ Johnson Has Been Remembered as ‘Full of Life, Energy, and Potential’ by the Aspire Superintendent

Kameron “Kam Kam” Johnson was a third grade student at Aspire Coleman Elementary School. Johnson played for the Memphis Wolfpack football team, in association with Orange Mound, Tennessee.

In a public statement on Monday, Supt. Dr. Nickalous Manning said of Johnson, “[He was] just full of life. Full of energy. Full of potential. It’s hard to put into words what the future had for him. He’s definitely a young person who is near and dear to our hearts.”

Manning continued, “And when we talk to teammates here you saw it on their face. You saw it on their face about what that young person meant to them, the impact that he had on the school community, the teachers and students and adults here. It’s gonna be a loss that’s gonna be hard to heal from.”

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