Michael Avenatti Calls Beto O’Rourke a ‘Rock Star, Skateboarding Candidate’ With Slim Chances for 2020

Michael Avenatti Donald Trump indictment

Getty Lawyer Michael Avenatti pictured in September 2018.

Michael Avenatti is casting doubt on Beto O’Rourke’s chances of winning the 2020 presidential election. The Texas politician, who came close to beating Ted Cruz in the recent Senate race, is getting a lot of attention in the national press, with more and more people talking about him as a viable candidate for the a White House in 2020. He also surged to the top of the pack in a recent betting pool.

But Avenatti is asserting that it’s very, very different to run for the Senate than it is to run for the presidency. Avenatti wrote, “Unfortunately, it is far tougher to run in a crowded presidential primary with everyone shooting at you then it is to run as a “rock star skateboard candidate” against a guy loathed by millions (Cruz).” Avenatti also tweeted a recent article about Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel’s views on Beto O’Rourke. (Emmanuel doesn’t think O’Rourke stands much of a chance.)

Not very long ago, Michael Avenatti was talking about a run for the White House in 2020. But on December 4, the lawyer best known for representing Stormy Daniels announced that he had decided not to throw his hat in the ring, after all. Avenatti said that he had decided not to run for president out of respect for his family. He did, however, reserve the right to criticize other possible Democratic Party nominees. Avenatti wrote, “I remain concerned that the Democratic Party will move toward nominating an individual who might make an exceptional President but has no chance of actually beating Donald Trump.”

Avenatti tweeted out a similar “warning” about the other possible Democratic candidates, cautioning them that the race for the White House is going to be a “cesspool” of hostility and that the campaign is likely to be the nastiest one in modern history. Avenatti wrote,

“As Kamala, Corey, Beto, etc. contemplate running, entering the cesspool & toxic environment that is 2020 is front/center. It is beyond anything in history. And it will not be all about skateboards, daisies & puff pieces. Anyone that gets in only does it out of love of country.“

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