Parker Poling: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Republicans have tapped New York native Parker Poling to take over as executive director of the National Republican Congressional Committee for the 2020 electoral cycle. Poling is the top aide to North Carolina congressman Patrick McHenry, who will take over as minority leader in the next Congress. With many in the Republican leadership concerned about how the party did in the midterm elections, McCarthy says Poling has the skills needed to “execute a winning strategy to take back the House in 2020.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1.Poling Started Work for Congressman McHenry in 2007

Poling went to law school at George Washington University, earning a JD with honors in 2007. While in law school she also clerked for the Federal Election Commission and worked as a summer intern for the law firm Patton Boggs.

After graduation, Poling went to work for Congressman Patrick McHenry. She’s been working as McHenry’s chief of staff for the past 11 years, staying on as McHenry became Chief Deputy Whip in 2014. McHenry is expected to become the House minority leader in the next election cycle, as Poling becomes executive director of the NRCC.

2. Poling Says Her Two Daughters Sometimes Complain About How Much She Works

Poling and her husband have two daughters. Poling told Politico that she would never be able to juggle work and parenting if weren’t for her “incredible” husband, who picks them up from school most days and has “sacrificed” for the greater good of the family.

Poling admits that her daughters sometimes complain about how much she has to work. But she also says that, because of her career, her daughters have had some “pretty cool” opportunities: they already feel at home in the Capitol building; they sell Girl Scout cookies to members of Congress; they ride the subway.

3. Politico Called Poling One of the Most Powerful Women on Capitol Hill

Poling was featured in Politico’s list of “Women to Watch,” where she was called “one of the most powerful femal aides on Capitol Hill. Poling told Politico that she’s had gotten into politics almost on a fluke. She said that she had intended to become a “real lawyer” when she graduated from law school — but then she got a call from McHenry, asking her to become his chief of staff.

Poling said that the call took her completely by surprise —- she said that when she first got the call, in fact, she thought McHenry needed legal advice and was calling her for help. She accepted his offer, though, and went to work as his chief of staff, a job she’s been in for the past 11 years.

4. Poling Is a Die-Hard Yankee Fan & Native of Upstate New York


Poling is a native of upstate New York. She went to Brown University and has worked on Capitol Hill for over a decade, but still expresses surprise that her daughters are urban subway riders. Poling describes herself as a die-hard Yankees fan.

She and her family — her husband and their two daughters — live in DC. Her husband works for McCormick and Co.

5. Poling First Got Into Politics When She Joined the ‘Young Republicans’ as an Undergraduate at Brown

Poling first met her current boss, Congressman Patrick McHenry, when they were both in college. They didn’t go to the same school: McHenry went to Belmont Abbey College, in North. Arolina, and Poling went to Brown. But both served on the College Republican National Committee, where Poling was executive director and McHenry was treasurer.

Years later, when Poling was finishing up law school at George Washington University, McHenry called to ask if she’d like to work as his chief of staff. She accepted the job, and the two have been working together ever since.

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