Taylorville, Illinois Tornado: Photos of the Damage & Destroyed Buildings

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Taylorville, Illinois was hit hard so hard by a tornado on Saturday night that the city now looks like a “war zone,” people affected by the storm are saying. Early reports estimate that at least 100 buildings were damaged or destroyed, Pantagraph reported.  Thankfully, there were no fatalities from the storm, but at least 21 people were injured. Here’s a closer look at the destruction the storms left behind, including photos of the damage and details about just what happened.

Lori Farley, who was visiting family in Taylorville when the storm hit, told Pantagraph that “it looked like a war zone out front.” Several people were trapped in their homes from the storm and had to get help escaping. Taylorville is located about 30 miles southeast of Springfield, Illinois.

The Red Cross has set up a shelter for residents at Crossroad Apostolic Church, 212 Jaycee Drive, The State Journal-Register reported. The Taylorville Food Pantry was open Sunday morning, and will be accepting donations. More than 30 power poles were knocked down, leaving more than 1,000 in the city without power.

Overall, at least 20 tornadoes are estimated to have hit Illinois on Saturday, Accuweather reported.

Here is where Taylorville is located on a map, in case you’re not familiar with the area:

One resident shared this video of damage at their property:

Another resident shared a photo of damage to her niece’s home. As you can see, some areas sustained major damage:

At this time, it appears that the hardest hit areas may have been on the southwest side of town. Some preliminary reports indicate that buildings near the Larry Service Center on the southwest side of the city may have been destroyed or severely damaged, but this has not been confirmed:

In this photo, you can see major damage near a local Food Market:

And here you can see more damage:

Here’s another look at some of the damage, by Ameren Illinois:

According to Christian County Severe Weather and Disaster Recovery, residents are asked not to attempt debris removal themselves, but are asked to stay indoors. If you would like to request free help removing debris, contact Rubicon at 217-824-3100, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief at 618-499-2215, or Lutheran Early Response Team at 217-220-0162 for urgent needs.

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