Chateri Payne: A Tribute to the Fallen Shreveport Officer

Chateri Payne

Facebook/Chateri Payne Chateri Payne pictured on her Facebook page.

Chateri Payne, a Shreveport police officer, was tragically shot dead as she went to start her shift in Louisiana on the morning of January 9. Her killing came on National Law Enforcement Day 2019. Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy in tweeting his condolences to Officer Payne’s family said that she had only been on the force for a few weeks.

Payne was first identified through reporting from the Shreveport Times. The Times article says that Payne was shot dead outside of a home in the Caddo Heights neighborhood of Shreveport at around 8:20 p.m. KNOE reports that close to 50 police units responded to the scene where Payne was shot. KTBS reports that Payne was in uniform but had not started her shift when she was shot. Shreveport Police Corporal Marcus Hines told the media, “It appears that the officer was… getting ready to come to Shreveport police headquarters for (her) shift tonight.”

Payne was rushed to Ochsner LUS Health hospital with life-threatening injuries, including a gunshot wound to the head. Police officers quickly gathered at the hospital to pay tribute to Payne. Among those present at both the scene of the shooting and at the hospital was Shreveport Police Chief Ben Raymond and Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins.

Police Have Not Spoken Publicly About a Motive

Chateri Payne Shooting

Screengrab via KTBS

Authorities have not spoken publicly about a suspect or motive in the shooting. The Shreveport Times reports that one person is in police custody but no charges have been filed. That person was in a home in front of where Payne was shot dead, reports KSLA.

Payne Wrote on Facebook Upon Her Graduation, ‘I Decided to Stand Tall on My Dream’

Chateri Payne

Facebook/Chateri Payne

According to Payne’s Facebook page, she graduated as part of the class of 2014 from Captain Shreve High School where she was on the track team. In November 2018, Payne completed her police training, she said in a Facebook post. Payne wrote of “long days” and “aching nights” while in training. Payne said despite the hardship she had “decided to stand tall on my dream.” She wrote, “Main lesson taught was to never lose sight of who you are and where you come from. The main thing is to build on who you are and to become an influential and better person for those whom may surround me or I may encounter.” Payne described wanting to become a positive influence in her community and protecting those “who can’t protect themselves.” In conclusion, Payne wrote, “It is an honor to be able to join such a powerful family with my Brothers and Sisters in Blue… May the journey begin.”

Payne’s brother wrote in a Facebook tribute, “Light in my shadows, I will carry you with me. R.I.P Sussy.” In a solemn Facebook post, Payne’s mother wrote, “I know it’s hard for everyone right now but I’m asking that ya’ll just please be respectful. No friend requests. No long posts.”

The Shreveport Police Officer’s Association Has Asked for Prayers for Payne’s Family

The Shreveport Police Officer’s Association said in a statement, “We have lost one of our own. She was young, and she was beautiful. She was proving herself to be a capable professional, dedicated to serving the Citizens of Shreveport… Please continue to pray for the men and women that will work through night and every night to make Shreveport a safer place. Your prayers felt, and appreciated.” In 2018, 47 officers were shot dead in the line of duty in the U.S. During one week in February 2018, seven police officers were killed.

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