WATCH: Cop Shoots Partner in the Back Accidentally [Disturbing & Graphic Video]

RAW: Lafayette Police body cam video shows officer being shot by fellow officerWarning: This video contains graphic content that may be hard to watch for some viewers.2019-01-11T18:35:14.000Z

Graphic body-camera footage shows a police officer in Lafayette, Indiana shoot his partner in the back, accidentally.

Lafayette Police Department officer Lane Butler is alive but hospitalized in serious but stable condition. The shooting occurred Jan. 8.

According to Lafayette police and reports, Butler, her partner officer Aaron Wright, and another officer were searching for a person wanted on a warrant. The person was not in their residence, but a dog was. As Butler appears to be walking out the front door of the house after searching for the wanted person, with Wright right on her heels, police said the dog and it can be heard barking int he video, just seconds before Wright, his gun drawn, shoots Butler.

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Police said Wright was attacked by the dog and his gun fired.

Butler falls out the door and other cops can be heard screaming, “What happened? What happened?”

She is conscious as the other officers help her. “Am I shot?”

“We have an officer who’s been shot.”

Lafayette Police Chief Patrick Flannelly said the shooting was “accidental.”

“Our conclusion in this incident was this was not a result of an act of negligence, carelessness or otherwise reckless behavior,” Flannelly said at a press conference. Officer Wright will not only not be charged he will face no disciplinary action.

Butler was wearing a bullet-proof vest but the gunshot hit her above the vest.

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