Deanna Perucci: A Tribute to the Herbert Hoover Middle School Teacher

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Facebook/Deanna Michele Deanna Perucci pictured on her Facebook page.

Deanna Perucci, an English teacher at Herbert Hoover Middle School in Potomac, died after suffering a medical emergency during class. She was 25 years old. Bethesda Magazine reports that the incident occurred at the school during a class on the morning of January 17. So far, no cause of death has been made public.

Here’s what you need to know:

Perucci’s Cause of Death Has Not Been Made Public

Deanna Perucci Facebook

Deanna pictured in August 2018.

The Bethesda Magazine report says that Herbert Hoover Principal Yong-Mi Kim sent a letter to parents saying that Perucci had suffered a “medical emergency.” Kim said in the letter, “Each of us will react to Ms. Perucci’s death in our own way and we need to be respectful and supportive of each other.”

Perucci Had a 4.0 GPA at the University of Maryland

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Facebook/Deanna Michele

According to Perucci’s Facebook page, she had just begun to teach at Herbert Hoover Middle School in August 2018. A letter to parents when Perucci joined the school said that she was assigned to teach grade six and seven English. On her LinkedIn page, Perucci said that up until 2018, she taught in the Anne Arundel County schools and was a substitute teacher at Our Lady of Good Counsel High School. Also in 2018, Perucci received a Master’s from the University of Maryland.

Perucci wrote on her LinkedIn page she studied English Literature and English Language for her bachelor’s and Education for her Master’s. Perucci had a 4.0 GPA and won the Academic Excellence Achievement Award in English. Perucci was a member of Sigma Tau Delta. Perucci wrote an article on LinkedIn about her teaching philosophy, it reads in part, “Effective learning situates students as active participants in their education. Rather than teaching in a purely lecture-based setting, I strive to be a catalyst for higher-level thinking that fosters student-led discussions and enables students to reach their own conclusions.” During her time at school, Perucci worked as tutor, helping international students.

In one online bio, Perucci lists her hobbies as cooking and baking. She also writes, “I also enjoy burying my nose in a good book with a tall cup of coffee in hand, but I can also be found geeking out over documentaries on Netflix.”

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