Ilhan Omar’s Daughter Made a Video Montage of Her Mom’s Journey to Congress

Isra Hirsi is the 15 year old daughter of Ilhan Omar, one of the newest members of Congress. On November 6, Omar became the first Somali American ever to be elected to the US Congress (she won the seat for Minnesota’s fifth congressional district.) This week, Omar was sworn in along with the other members of the 116th congress. She and Rashida Tlaib became two of the first Muslim women ever to join the US Congress.

Omar’s daughter, Isra Hirsi, has been documenting her mom’s journey to Congress and posting videos to her Twitter account. On January 4, she put up this video of Omar — and the whole family — in Washington DC for the swearing-in ceremony. She titled is, “The Road to Congress: the Finale.” Her proud mom retweeted the video, writing, It’s been an incredible journey and this video by my badass daughter captures the best parts of the last two days! Enjoy and try not to cry.

You can watch Isra Hirsi’s video (with Chance the Rapper playing in the background) here:

After Ocasio Cortez’s Dance Video Came Out, Isra Put Up a Video of Her Own Family Dancing

Earlier this week, video surfaced of freshman congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez dancing on a rooftop. The video, from Ocasio Cortez’s college days in Boston, was originally posted by one of the congresswoman’s critics, who called her a “nitwit.” But Ocasio Cortez’s dance quickly went viral, and the New York congresswoman even put up a new clip of herself, in a dark suit and a bun, dancing into her brand new congressional office.

Ilhan Omar’s daughter, Isra, put up her own video of the whole family dancing and getting silly together at home. The video features Isra, her brother, and Ilhan all dancing around the house, laughing and having a good time. You can watch it here.

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