Irena Ivic-Drobnjak: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Milwaukee Bus Driver Rescues Lost Baby from Freeway OverpassMCTS Driver Irena Ivic rescued a lost baby that she spotted wandering alone on a freeway overpass on Milwaukee's south side. View more stories of MCTS Excellence by visiting!2019-01-10T13:49:37.000Z

A Milwaukee bus driver rescued a barefoot baby boy running alone near a highway, clad only in a onesie in freezing temperatures. The child, less than a year old, was reunited with its father. The baby’s mother had left it alone outside after suffering a reported mental health episode.

Irena Ivic-Drobnjak is being praised for her immediate action which may have saved the child’s life.

This is not the first time a Milwaukee County Transit System driver has saved a child. Hopefully, it’ll be the last time it’s needed.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Irena Ivic-Drobnjak Was on a Regular Morning Route, With a Few Passengers Aboard, When She Spotted a Baby on a Freeway Overpass

From a distance on her regular morning route on Milwaukee’s south side, just after 8 a.m., she saw him: a baby boy alone running along a freeway overpass sidewalk.

The child slows down for a moment then begins to run again. He’s wearing a red onesie and a diaper. That’s it.

2. The Baby Runs & Appears to Nearly Stumble When Ivic-Drobnjak Pulls Her Bus Over & Leaps Out

Inexplicably, a baby boy is running along a narrow sidewalk on a highway overpass. Ivic-Drobnjak stops her bus and jumps out, stops traffic and runs toward the crying boy who seems to know she’s coming for him; he stops and looks toward her. There’s no one else in the street. She runs up to him, he stretches out his arms and she takes him into hers and darts back to the bus.

“Oh my God. Oh my God. I’m shaking,’ she says.

3. A Passenger Offers Her Coat & Helps Bundle the Baby. While Waiting for Police, the Boy Falls Asleep in Ivic-Drobnjak’s Arms

In the annotated video from the Milwaukee County Transit System uploaded to YouTube, viewers see Ivic-Drobnjak cradle the child as a young female passenger offers her coat and the two bundle the baby up.

Ivic-Drobnjak cradles and rocks the child and just as the police arrive, the baby boy has fallen asleep.

She said she was just glad she could keep him safe.

4. According to Her Facebook, Ivic-Drobnjak is Originally From Serbia & is the Mother of Two Grown Children

Ivic-Drobnjak’s Facebook profile says she’s from Prokuplje, a city in southern Serbia. Her profile says she attended a technical school and college in that city.

Images on her page feature two grown children.

5. The Milwaukee County Transit System Says Its Drivers Have Found or Rescued 9 Lost or Missing Children in the Past Several Years