Jameek Lowery: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jameek 'Meek' Lowery

Facebook/Jameek \'Meek\' Lowery Jameek 'Meek' Lowery

In a devastating self-made documentary where he predicted his death, Jameek Lowery begs and pleads for help from two police officers.

Lowery, 27, who had previously called 911 saying he’d perhaps taken too much Ecstasy, was transported to the hospital. Agitated while there, he left and then, once again phoned for help. Minutes later, he showed up at the police station where he told police he was “paranoid,” believed they or someone else was going to kill him, pleaded for water, while perspiring profusely and, as can be seen, in the video, foaming at the mouth.

His recordings are time-stamped on Facebook as being from 4:52 and 4:58 a.m. At some point, he was transported again to the hospital but when he arrived, was non-responsive. Two days later, he was dead.

Police claim they did everything by the book. Lowery’s family, friends, residents, and activists are demanding answers.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Lowery Recorded Two Facebook Live Videos Where he Begs & Pleads For Help, Water & Not to be Killed While Sweating, Mentally Confused & Foaming at the Mouth

“Somebody help me. Somebody help me. Somebody’s trying to kill me. Please don’t kill me, officers, I love y’all. Somebody call my mom …”

Over the course of five and a half minutes of Facebook Live recordings, Lowery is seen and heard imploring police to help him. The two officers who are seem but are not identified, can mostly be heard placating Lowery and saying they’re going to have him taken to the hospital but cannot give him any water. They also say that no one is trying to kill him.

He was eventually transported, but the timeframe however, from when he last recorded and the time that his family says he was admitted, is under contention; it was either minutes or as much as two hours.

Passaic County Prosecutor Camelia M. Valdes claims that the first time Lowery was taken to the hospital he was “left after becoming erratic.”

2. It’s Reported Lowery Died of Spinal Meningitis. One Symptom of Spinal Meningitis is Mental Confusion

Lowery was brought to St. Joseph’s University Medical Center. He was placed on life support. He died Monday morning.

His family said that he suffered from injuries to his face and head. They say the injuries were not visible in the videos.

Valdes said hospital records show he suffered no trauma, but that “police used physical force and compliance holds on Lowery while he was in the ambulance …”

It’s now been reported that Lowery died from spinal meningitis. whether or not he had drugs in his system, which the family says the hospital found he did not, is of little consequence since Lowery was very ill, the family says, and was not treated by authorities appropriately.

3. Lowery, Respectful & Pleading Throughout the Videos Where he Tells His Mother he May Die, is Himself a Father

In his videos, Lowery repeatedly apologizes, is respectful, but pleading, and even at one point say to the cops, whom he refers to throughout as “officers,” says he loves them and just does not want to be killed. He asks for them to call his mother. He says in the videos, speaking to his mother, that her “baby boy” may be killed.

Lowery, who comes from a big family, is a father of three. His Facebook page is filled with photographs of him and his children.

4. Lowery’s Family is Outraged & Demanding Answers. Protests Have Been Held in Paterson

His aunt Kia Lowery is hurt and angry. She said her nephew begging for help, was admitted to the hospital hours later “unresponsive, no pulse, no heartbeat and NO ONE, I MEAN NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED!!”

She and the entire family as well as neighbors, friends, residents and activists want answers. And she is demanding to know the names of the officers and emergency workers that transported her nephew.

She said he has a family, a “big one” and they will not rest until they get answers.

Kia Lowery pointed out in a post that the family did not call Paterson Police Department internal affairs division, rather “a nurse from St Joseph did, because she said it herself (she expected some type of foul play, nobody could tell her what happened to the patient nor how long the patient was unresponsive & nothing was adding up …”

Lowery wrote that she believes subsequent reports from his time in the hospital have been “falsified” and is demanding that the hospital also be investigated.

5. Authorities Are Investigating But Initial Statements Reflect Their Position That Police Acted Appropriately

Police union officials have said the officer’s conduct was professional and followed protocol by calling for an ambulance. But the officers involved, who have not been officially named, have been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation.

WPIX reported that Lowery died of spinal meningitis. Valdes said that the medical examiner will determine the cause of death. And toxicology results will be part of the report.