James Otis Turner: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

James Otis Turner

Castle Rock Police Department James Otis Turner claimed to be a Broncos player to scam woman, police say.

James Otis Turner is a Colorado man who defrauded a woman out of a large sum of money by pretending to be a Denver Broncos players, police say.

Turner, 49, claimed to be an undrafted wide receiver named Dante Sir Foster, Castle Rock Police say. Turner never played football and Foster never played a single snap for the Broncos, though he did land on several other teams’ practice squads.

Police say Turner defrauded the woman out of more than $100,000, KDVR reported. He was charged with felony theft, identity theft, forgery of checks, and fraud by criminal impersonation.

The arrest comes two months after Turner was arrested for an unrelated sexual assault of a woman. The woman and several others have told police that Turner impersonated a Broncos player.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Turner Was Arrested for Defrauding Woman Out of $100K by Posing as Football Player

Man Arrested For Impersonating A Denver Broncos PlayerJames Turner was arrested by Castle Rock police.2019-01-03T00:35:58.000Z

Turner was arrested on December 28 after a woman told police that he scammed her out of more than $100,000 while posing as a Broncos player, police say.

Turner was charged with felony theft, identity theft, forgery of checks, and fraud by criminal impersonation.

Police did not detail how Turner defrauded the woman but described his plot as “crafty.” Police stressed that Turner has no affiliation with the Broncos nor the National Football League.

Turner has since been released on bond from the Douglas County Jail, The Denver Post reported.

2. Turner Was Previously Arrested for Sexual Assault in October

Man accused of sexually assaulting woman, impersonating Broncos player49-year-old James Otis Turner is accused of sexually assaulting a woman on July 142018-11-01T03:38:22.000Z

Turner was arrested on sexual assault charges in October by the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office, The Denver Post reported. Turner was accused of posing as an active Broncos player by the woman in that case as well.

The woman told police that alleged assault took place on July 14. Police did not release any other details.

The Denver Post also reported that court records show a woman filed a temporary restraining order against Turner in October, citing domestic abuse.

3. Multiple Women Have Come Forward to Claim He Posed as Broncos Player in the Past

Man arrested after claiming to be Broncos player, defrauding Castle Rock womanA man has been arrested a woman said she was defrauded by a man who claimed to be a Broncos player, the Castle Rock Police Department said Wednesday.2019-01-03T00:52:06.000Z

Several women have come forward to allege that Turner identified himself as a Broncos player to them as well, KDVR reported.

A woman named Anny Cristofano was among the women to come forward.

“He was sitting in his nice car, was very well dressed and he asked, ‘Do you know who I am?’” Anny Cristofano told KDVR. “I said, ‘No, I have no idea.’ He said, ‘I play for the Broncos.’ I said, ‘Oh that’s cool,’ and then he asked if I wanted to come over and meet him and if I could give him my phone number.”

“We’re hoping this will prompt women who did not realize, or did not report that they were a victim of this guy, to come forward,” said Castle Rock police spokesman Joe Cybert.

“To get over $100,000 from a victim, he’s definitely crafty in what he’s doing,” Cybert told KDVR. “He’s claiming to be someone that he’s not — and is proceeding on with criminal activity and the potential for victims could be far more than we could ever anticipate.”

4. Turner Created Fake Blogs for His Fake Persona

Man who falsely claimed to be former Broncos player arrested in new theft, forgery caseA man arrested in October on a sex assault charge in Arapahoe County, who claimed to be a former Denver Broncos player, has been arrested in a separate theft and forgery case out of Castle Rock.2019-01-03T02:01:56.000Z

The New York Post reported that Turner went as far as creating fake blogs that identified him as Dante Foster.

“Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants, Arizona Cardinals, and the Pittsburgh Steelers were first to show interest and eventually landed with the Minnesota Vikings for the 2011-2012 season,” one post said. “Unfortunately, due to injury he was unable to play after injuries which brought his season abruptly to an end.”

“Dante’s career has been action packed and nothing short of exciting while he has been playing professional football internationally thus far into his career,” the website said. “Unfortunate, and far too common, injuries have temporarily relocated him back to Texas most recently.”

5. The Real Donte Foster Called The Situation ‘Sad’

Donte "The Highlight Machine" FosterOhio University wide receiver Donte Foster has a knack for making big plays.2011-11-29T22:34:26.000Z

The actual Donte Foster, a real former NFL wide receiver who made it onto five different teams’ practice squads, responded to the report on Twitter.

“Yeah I’ve heard. Sad to hear,” Foster tweeted.

According to Pro Football Reference, Foster went undrafted out of Ohio University, where he caught 167 receptions for 2,170 yards and 21 touchdowns.

Foster never played a snap in an actual NFL game but was signed to the practice squads of the Minnesota Vikings, San Diego Chargers, Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, and Tennessee Titans.

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