WATCH: Man Charged in Violent Hate Crime Attack on Lesbian Couple at Seahawks Game [Graphic Video]

Cardinals fan punches woman at seahawks game hate crime Dec 30th #hatecrime #haymaker #drunkfightHate crime, Arizona cardinal fan knocks out woman at Seahawks game because she was gay2019-01-01T03:43:22.000Z

Jay Dee Harp III has been charged with a hate crime for an attack on a married lesbian couple at the Dec. 30 Seattle Seahawks versus Arizona Cardinals game at Century Link Stadium in Seattle.

As can be seen in the video, Harp throws a violent punch to the face of the female victim. But what prosecutors allege he did to the women before, for the bulk of the game as he drank beer after beer, was sexually harass and threaten the couple and then allegedly sexually assault one of them.

And that was before the physical assault captured on video.

After returning with a beer, Harp tugged one of the women’s jackets, “unzipped it” and, a witness said, “grabbed (her) breast and was not letting go. She tried to push him off of her and he threw his beer right in her face.” Nearby fans grabbed Harp and took him “to the ground.” But, prosecutors say, Harp “was able to get loose from being held down, stood up” and then delivered a closed-fist punch to her face, resulting in a broken nose, lacerations, and a chipped front tooth.

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“Did he just punch a girl? What the fu*k? He punched a girl dude. What the fu*k?”

A near-melee ensued as fans tried to hold him until police arrived.

“Taze him! Taze him!”

Harp was arrested but not after aggressively fighting off several cops, and punching one of them in the stomach while screaming, prosecution documents read. Harp was tazed so police could “gain control of the defendant’s violent behavior.”

Harp was initially held on $25,000 bail which was later upped to $100,000 based on “the violent nature of the defendant’s attack and the danger the defendant poses to the community if released from confinement,” court records obtained by Heavy read.

Ultimately Harp bonded out of jail. He is facing charges of malicious harassment, the hate crime charge, second-degree assault with substantial bodily harm, and assault in the third degree, assault on a law enforcement officer. All are felonies.