Johnathan Fair: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Johnathan Fair

GoFundMe/Waukegan Police Department Johnathan Fair charged with killing 4-year-old Skylar Mendez.

Johnathan Fair is an Illinois man charged with murdering his girlfriend’s 4-year-old daughter after she spilled juice on hix Xbox game console, The Chicago Tribune reports.

Fair, 19, was indicted on four counts of first-degree murder by a grand jury Wednesday. Fair, who lives in Waukegan, a town just northwest of Chicago, admitted he shook, beat, and kicked 4-year-old Skylar Mendez after she spilled juice on his game.

Doctors tried to save the child but she passed away at a hospital days later.

Fair is being held on $5 million bail at Lake County Jail.

Prosecutors said they will seek a life sentence if the teen is convicted.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Johnathan Fair Admitted Beating 4-Year-Old For Spilling Juice on His Xbox

Prosecutors say that Fair brutally beat 4-year-old Skylar Mendez after she spilled juice on his Xbox, The Chicago Tribune reports. Mendez is Fair’s girlfriend’s daughter who he was babysitting while the mother was away.

Fair brought the child to a local hospital on December 13. Prosecutors say Fair initially told doctors Skylar fell and hit her head but he later admitted to police that he had shaken the child “really hard,” beat her as punishment for spilling juice on his game console, and kicked her down a hallway.

Fair brought the child to the hospital after she lost consciousness during the attack.

“Officers were initially told that the child received the injury from a falling while in her apartment in the 1600 block of Sunset Avenue,” police said in a statement, adding that the child was brought to the hospital “by the mother and Johnathan Fair.”

2. Doctors Performed Surgery to Try to Save Skylar Mendez After Vicious Beating

Prosecutors say doctors found signs that Skylar had injuries consistent with shaking and abuse going back months before the deadly assault.

Doctors tried to save Skylar and performed surgery to try to reduce swelling on her brain but were not successful.

Skylar died a few days later at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago.

3. Johnathan Fair Was Charged With 4 Counts of Murder

On Wednesday, Fair was indicted by a Lake County Grand Jury on four counts of first-degree murder, The Chicago Tribune reported.

Fair is being held at the Lake County jail.

His bail has been set at $5 million.

Fair had previously been charged with aggravated battery after his arrest by Waukegan police.

4. Prosecutors Vow to Seek Life Sentence for Johnathan Fair

Fair faces 60 years to life in prison if he is convicted at trial.

Assistant State’s Attorney Steve Scheller said that if the case goes to trial, prosecutors will seek a natural life sentence for Fair because of the “heinous” circumstances of the crime.

Fair’s attorney, Sam Amirante, told The Associated Press that his client is not guilty.

“When the real facts come out, he will be acquitted,” he said, without offering any further details.

5. Family Starts GoFundMe to Raise Money for Skylar’s Funeral

Skylar’s aunt Cecilia Villalpando started a GoFundMe campaign to help the family raise money for the child’s funeral expenses nearly four weeks ago.

“Our beautiful niece Skyler only 4 years old had a tragic accident,” Villalpando wrote before Fair’s arrest. “At her early age God has called for her. Unfortunately for a tragedy like this, we were not financially prepared. please help by donating for funeral.”

After Fair’s arrest, Villalpando posted an update to the page.

“We have found out that this was no tragic accident,” she wrote. “Our sweet angels life was taken from us by a heartless human being. Just adding more pain into our lives knowing that someone took our babygirl. We greatly appreciate your donations and support.”

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