Kimberly Belcher & Richard Fountaine: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kimberly Belcher and Richard Fountaine

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Kimberly Belcher and Richard Fountaine captured after escape.

Police captured Wyoming prison escapee Richard Fountaine and Kimberly Belcher, the prison worker that police say helped the inmate escape, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

Officials said Fountaine, 29, and Belcher, 25, were caught hiding face-down while wearing “full camo” near a pond in Monroe County, Georgia Friday.

Fountaine escaped from the Casper Re-Entry Center on December 28 while serving a three- to five-year stint for burglary.

Police say Belcher, who worked at the prison, helped him escape. Police say the couple will face charges in Georgia and are expected to be extradited back to Wyoming.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Fountaine Escaped by CLimbing Over a Chain-Link Fence, Police Say

'Dangerous' prison escapee from Wyoming last seen in GeorgiaRichard Fountaine and Kimberly Belcher were last seen near Logwall Church Road. located off of Highway 42 in Monroe County Wednesday afternoon.2019-01-10T22:55:13.000Z

Richard Fountaine, a 29-year-old inmate serving three to five years for burglary, escaped the Casper Re-Entry Center in Wyoming on December 28, The Casper Star-Tribune reports.

Prison workers discovered that Fountaine was missing from a secure unit at the facility on December 28.

According to the Star-Tribune, some workers are allowed out for parts of the day to work but must return to the facility. But according to police records, Fountaine climbed a wall and chain-link fence at the facility before getting into an SUV and fleeing.

2. Police Say Prison Belcher Helped Fountaine Escape by Giving Him a Cell Phone & Had

Wyoming fugitive, accomplice caught in central GeorgiaRichard Fountaine escaped a prison two weeks ago with the help of Kimberly Belcher.2019-01-11T22:32:45.000Z

Police say Belcher, who worked at the prison, gave Fountaine a cellphone while he was at the facility.

After the escape, a warrant obtained by The Star-Tribune says that Fountaine’s brother told investigators that Belcher and Fountaine were traveling to Texas together.

Fountaine had been at the facility since he was sentenced for burglary in June 2017.

3. Belcher and Fountaine Fled to Georgia

On Friday, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia reported that a citizen had spotted the pair on Wednesday.

The Star-Tribune reports that the couple’s white SUV got stuck and they asked a nearby resident to help move it. The person declined and apparently reported it to the police.

The couple left the area on foot. The sheriff’s office impounded the SUV.

The sheriff’s office said there was “no information to suggest that they have family” in Georgia. It’s unclear how they managed to cross the country to Georgia.

The sheriff’s office said that the SUV was not associated with Fountaine and would not have set off any red flags.

4. Belcher & Fountaine Were Found in ‘Full Camo’ Outfits

Monroe County Sheriff’s Lt. Chad Beck announced in a news conference Friday that the couple had been caught.

Police tracked the couple down to a pond dam in Monroe County where they were caught hiding face-down while wearing “full camo.”

Beck said the couple was taken into custody without incident.

Beck said the couple will face charges in Georgia but did not specify what charges. Beck also said the couple is expected to be extradited back to Wyoming, though the timeline is unclear.

5. Several Wyoming Prison Workers Have Been Accused of Having Sex With Inmates Recently

Numerous female workers at the Casper Re-Entry Center have been convicted of having sexual encounters with inmates and at least one has admitted to helping inmates escape.

In March of 2018, Tosha Sheesley pleaded guilty to having a sexual relationship with an inmate at the facility.

Also that month, Andrea Morgan was sentenced under a conditional plea after she admitted to having sex with an inmate at the center as well as after he was released from the facility.

In October of last year, Shayne Jones admitted to having sex with an inmate and later helping him and another inmate escape to California in her SUV.

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