Nathan Sutherland’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Nathan Sutherland

Screengrab via CBS Phoenix Sutherland pictured with his attorney, David Gregan, at his arraignment.

Nathan Sutherland, accused of raping a mentally disabled patient at the Hacienda Healthcare facility in Arizona, is a father to four children with his soon-to-be ex-wife. On January 23, authorities announced that Sutherland, 36, had been arrested the day previously and accused of the sexual assault of a patient. The patient had given birth to a baby on December 29, 2018. Sutherland is the father of that baby, authorities say.

Sutherland has been a licensed nurse in Arizona since 2005. In 2011 Sutherland became a licensed practical nurse. He was hired by Hacienda Healthcare in Phoenix in 2014. During the course of the investigation into the identity of the baby’s father, Sutherland was compelled via court order to give a DNA example. On January 22, that DNA was matched to the baby’s, police said. Later that day, Sutherland was taken into custody at Maricopa County Jail. Sutherland has since been released on a $500,000 cash only bond.

The victim, a member of the San Carlos Apache tribe, is not in a vegetative state, despite numerous reports to the contrary. A family spokesman said the victim can “respond to sound, make facial gestures and had some ability to move her limbs, head and neck.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Sutherland’s Wife Had Said that the Couple’s Marriage Was ‘Broken Beyond Repair’

Nathan Sutherland Facebook page


Sutherland’s wife filed for divorce from her husband before the woman in his care gave birth, reports CBS Phoenix. The divorce was filed on December 5 while the baby was born at Hacienda Healthcare on December 9. The station reports that Sutherland’s wife said the marriage was “broken beyond repair. Together with his wife, Sutherland ran a catering company that specialized in weddings and business events.

2. Sutherland & His Sister Were Adopted From a Haitian Orphanage When He Was 7 Years Old

During an interview with about the rap duo he formed with his sister, Sleeplesssouljaz, Sutherland mentioned the pair’s impoverished upbringing in an orphanage in Haiti. Sutherland said that the pair were lucky to get a bowl of rice to eat. Sutherland said, “One meal a day was a blessing.”

He said that his mother had brought them to the orphanage after her marriage to the children’s father had broken up. Sutherland said his mother could not look after her children as a result of the split. At his initial court appearance following his January 2019 arrest, Sutherland’s lawyer said his client has lived in the state since 1993. He has no criminal record in Arizona.

3. Sutherland Said in His Youth He Was Forced to Learn the ‘Family Business’

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Sutherland says that he and his were adopted by a Christian family in Arizona. The family worshipped at the Faith Center West Family Church in Mesa, Arizona, under Pastor Marie Mosley. Pastor Mosley told NBC News said that she hasn’t seen Sutherland since 2003.

Sutherland said that in lieu of a social life, he was forced to learn his parents’ business from a young age. He also said that he and his sister were forbidden from listening to any aggressive music, including rap. Despite this, Sutherland and his sister formed their rap duo in 2003. The group released their only album in 2009 and have been inactive since 2014. While speaking to NBC News, Pastor Mosley said, “That was back in the early days, him and his sister had a rap act. I haven’t seen him since 2003. He’s been in a lot of churches since then.” Sutherland had previously said that he has been writing songs since he was 10 years old.

4. A Neighbor Said She Would Regularly Sutherland & His Children Going to Church

Sutherland had previously been described as a “caring dad, nice person,” according to Fox Phoenix’s Nicole Garcia. While speaking to the Associated Press, one of the Sutherland family’s neighbors, Esella Burr, said, “I can’t believe it. He told me he was a nurse and he liked his job.” Burr said she would regularly talk to the family and that she lived next to them for five years until Sutherland sold his family’s home.

5. Sutherland & His Sister Started a Charity Together in 2007

Online records show that Sutherland started a transitional housing program along with other family members. The article of incorporation for Life in You, a charity, was to “show Christ’s unconditional love by responding to the spiritual and physical needs of the homeless, Development Disabled Individuals” as well as orphans in the Phoenix-area. The charity was registered in 2009, with Sutherland named on the board of directors. A listing for the charity as of January 2019 refers to it as “inactive.”

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