Benjamin Netanyahu Takes On the 10 Year Challenge

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Israeli Prime Miniter Benjamin Netanyahu has joined the “10 year challenge” that’s been sweeping social media. But Netanyahu, who faces a range of political and legal challenges right now, shied away from personal subjects. Instead, the embattled prime minister took to social media to talk up what he sees as his country’s triumphs over the past decade.

One photo in Netanyahu’s “10 year challenge” series shows a huge metal border wall topped with barbed wire, marked “2019.” That photo is contrasted with a photo labeled “2009” which shows an expanse of empty desert with a few strands of barbed wire.

Another post in the series shows Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, smiling broadly as they stand beside Ivanka Trump. The three of them are standing in front of the newly-opened US Embassy in Jerusalem. Netanyahu contrasted the photo with one from 2009, which shows the old US Embassy in Tel Aviv.

Until 2018, the US Embassy to Israel was located in Tel Aviv, the country’s economic capital. Jerusalem, which is claimed by both Israelis and Palestinians as their capital, was long considered to be contested territory. But in 2018, the Trump administration announced that they were opening their embassy in Jerusalem. The move was slammed by most Arab and European governments and was widely seen as a sign that the US might openly favor Israel in future talks between Israel and Palestine.

In his most recent “10 year challenge” post, the Israeli prime minister posted two photos of himself, side by side. The prime minister looks remarkably unchanged in the two pictures, which of course span 10 years. Netanyahu’s caption, run through Google translate, reads, “I devote my whole life to our country. For you. Thank you for your tremendous support that gives me strength to continue. Shabbat Shalom.”

Netanyahu’s “10 year challenge” series comes as the prime minister faces a tough election season. Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, are also facing a range of corruption and bribery charges. In December, Israeli police recommended that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu be charged with taking bribes, fraud and breach of trust. Police accused Netanyahu of performing “official favors” for a telecommunications and media conglomerate, claiming that the prime minister received positive coverage in exchange for favors. Sara Netanyahu has also been accused of misusing about $100,000 in public funds in her management of the prime minister’s official residence.

You can see some of Netanyahu’s other “10 year challenge” posts here:

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