Peter Van Bawi Lian: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Peter Vian

Indianapolis Police Department

Peter Van Bawi Lian is a 21-year-old soldier who is wanted for military desertion and accused of killing his 27-year-old wife, Khuang Par, whose body was found on December 23 inside of a dumpster in Indianapolis.

Lian had already been charged with second-degree assault against Par earlier in the month, police say. Weeks later, Par was found in a dumpster on the south side of Indianapolis, though the details of her cause of death have not been revealed.

According to CBS Indianapolis, flight records indicate that Lian flew to Bangkok on Christmas Eve. Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call 317-327-3475, or Crime Stoppers at  317-262-TIPS.

Here’s what you need to know about Lian:

1. Lian Has Been Charged With Murder & Military Desertion

Peter Van Bawi Lian

Indianapolis Police DepartmentPeter Van Bawi Lian

According to the Associated Press, Lian (who was on active duty at the time of his disappearance) has been charged with murder and military desertion. Per TIMEprosecutors filed murder charges against Lian on January 2, over a week after his wife’s body was found inside of a dumpster in Indianapolis.

Per The Indy Star, Par had moved back to Indianapolis to be with her family in the days leading up to her death, and flight records show that Lian boarded a flight to Indianapolis on December 22 from Colorado Springs, a day before Par’s body was found.

According to The Indy Star, a man called 911 after he found a partially unzipped suitcase containing a body in the dumpster. That body turned out to be the body of 27-year-old Par.

2. Police Documents Say Lian & His Wife Were Involved in a Domestic Assault Where He Reportedly Said ‘I’m Going to Kill You’ in Burmese

Prior to Par’s death, police say that she and Lian were involved in an incident that led to a protective order on December

Liam reportedly choked his wife during an argument and said “I’m going to kill you” in their native language of Burmese, and this subsequently led to his being arrested in Colorado Springs and charged with second degree assault and menacing.

Par moved back to Indianapolis to be with her family, and weeks later her body was found.

3. Police Are Seeking the Public’s Help in Locating Lian, Who Flew to Bangkok on Christmas Eve

Ft. Carson soldier wanted for wife’s murder believed to be in ThailandThe search continues for a Ft. Carson soldier wanted on charges of murder and desertion. Specialist Peter Van Bawi Lian is believed to have boarded a flight to Thailand the day after his wife’s body was found stuffed in a suitcase left inside a dumpster in Indianapolis.2019-01-04T01:09:01.000Z

Via The Fresno Beepolice say that flight records reveal Lian flew from Colorado Springs to Indianapolis, then to Thailand on Christmas Eve. Lian was due back at Fort Carson on December 26, The Fresno Bee reports, and when he didn’t show up police launched an investigation.

Per KOAA News, an NBC affiliate based in Colorado, a search of Lian’s room at Ft. Carson revealed the discovery of a suitcase and combination lock which matched those found with his wife’s body.

4. Lian Is Originally From Indianapolis; It’s Unclear How He Met Par

According to TIME, Lian is originally from Indianapolis. It’s not clear how long Lian and Par had been married at the time of her death, or how they met.

KOAA News reports that Lian had enlisted seven months ago, and was serving as a Financial Management Technician with the 4th Special Troops Battalion, 4th Sustainment Brigade.

5. Par’s Autopsy Reveals Her Death Was Ruled a ‘Homicide,’ But Provides No Further Details

According to The Associated Press, Par’s death was ruled a homicide, but the specific cause of death has not yet been revealed.

Per NBC News, an autopsy reflected trauma on the left and right side of Par’s neck. The publication further reports that earlier in the month, Par and Lian had been arguing over her desire to move back to Indianapolis to be with her family.

In a statement to NBC News, Col. James G. Kent said, “Our heartfelt sympathy and prayers go out to the victim’s family and friends during this difficult time. Fort Carson will continue to cooperate with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department in this ongoing investigation.”


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