Reddit Down: Widespread Reports of Issues With the Site on Thursday Evening

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Reddit was down on Thursday evening for a number of hours for thousands of users across the globe. It appears that the issue has since been resolved. In a tweet on the Reddit Status account, the site confirmed that the issue had been resolved.

A number of users saw an image (as seen below) which declared that Reddit’s CDN was unable to reach its server, currently. The ‘Front Page of the Internet’ has since resolved the problem internally.

Here’s what you need to know:

Down Detector Received Over 2,000 Reports of Issues With Reddit on Thursday Evening

According to Down Detector, over 2,141 reports were logged for Reddit issues on Thursday evening, 67% of which were website related and 32% of which were login related.

Down Detector reported that these issues began taking place at 2:33 PM, EST, on Thursday. The outage map shows that a majority of the reports were taking place in the United States, particularly on the east coast, but that there were also some hot spots internationally, as well.

Of course, users took the opportunity to highlight the outage with memes and funny tweets. One user wrote, “Reddit is down I have no access to real internet”

Another user lamented, “The internet has broken”

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