Sunita Jairam: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Sunita Jairam

Fayette County Detention Center Sunita Jairam said she drove drunk at 150 mph to teach her son a lesson.

Sunita Jairam is a Kentucky nurse who told police she drove drunk at 150 miles per hour to teach her son a lesson, The Lexington Herald-Leader reports.

Jairam, 48, was charged with drunk driving and endangering the welfare of a minor early Sunday morning.

She told officers that she also drove her BMW 150 miles per hour to teach her son a lesson, police said. Jairam has been charged with public intoxication and speeding in the past, public records show.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Sunita Jairam Admitted Drinking ‘Bunch of Beer’ & Driving 150 MPH

Police say Jairam was pulled over just before 1 a.m. on Sunday, The Lexington Herald-Leader reports.

According to the arrest citation, Jairam told officers that she “drank a bunch of beer and got in her car to drive to teach her son a lesson.”

Officer Brian Evans noted on the citation that Jairam told officers she had been drinking all day.

2. Jairam’s Son Told Police He Tried to Get Out of the Car ‘Due to His Mother’s Driving,’ but the Door Was Locked

Jairam also told officers that she had driven 150 miles per hour in order to teach her son a lesson, police said.

Jairam drives a 2014 BMW X1.

Jairam’s son told police that he tried multiple times to exit the car “due to his mother’s driving,” but was unable to because the door was it was locked.

3. Jairam Had a Blood Alcohol Level of .161, Police Say

Police determined that Jairam had a blood-alcohol level of .161 when she was pulled over, more than twice the legal limit.

Police also noted that her breath smelled of alcohol and she was slurring her speech, WKYT reported.

Jairam was charged with drunk driving and child endangerment.

4. Jairam Has Past Charges for Drunkness & Speeding

Court records show that Jairam had earlier charges for public intoxication and speeding. She was released fromthe Fayette County Detention Center on $2,500 bond.

Jairam was scheduled to appear in court on Monday. Her next court appearance is set for January 25.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she works as a registered nurse at Baptist Health.

A search of the Kentucky Board of Nursing’s website shows that Jairam has been a registered nurse in the state since August 1996. Her current license is scheduled to expire in October 2019. She has no disciplinary record, the nursing board website shows.

5. The Incident Comes Amid a String of Arrests on Child Endangerment Charges in Lexington

WKYT reported that the incident comes amid a series of child endangerment cases encountered by Lexington police.

In November, police pulled over Gabrielle Cochran after she swerved into oncoming traffic, the station reported. Police say they found her slumped over the steering wheel. Cochran, who was driving with her four children in the car, admitted to snorting heroin before driving the kids.

Later that month, police arrested Janet Cates after she made her neighbor’s 8- and 9-year-old children smoke marijuana, according to WKYT.

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