WATCH: Man Punches Two Women at LA Hot Dog Stand

Man punches women at hot dog stand


An unidentified man punched two women at a hot dog stand in Los Angeles, and now police are trying to determine his identity. The initial video was shared on Facebook by Mike Watson, a relative of one of the two women in the video. You can watch Watson’s video, which he shared on January 27, below.

Watson wrote on a public Facebook post that the worst part wasn’t the man who hit the two women, but the people who laughed and cheered while the man was punching them. He said that both women had to go to the ER, and no one helped them or asked if they were OK after the man ran from the scene. He said even a bouncer who was watching didn’t intervene.

Here is part of what Watson wrote:

I don’t know what this world is coming to, or who is raising our next generation of young men. For a crowd of men to sit back and not only watch, but film two girls get beat on by a 6’ 250 lb guy. My family and I are disgusted to say the least.

This video starts when the guy is throwing a 5’ 90lb girl to the ground. Meanwhile, the crowd of next generation men stand back and hoop and holler as if they are watching an MMA fight!

But wait, there is one brave person that comes to her defense with her hands down yelling for him to leave her alone … who he punches in the face. He socked them both in the face not once, but MULTIPLE times, some of which were not caught on film.

At this point, neither of the girls are a threat, if they ever even were. The guy could have just ran off. Instead, he punches the girl as she gets up off the ground, then turns and hits my daughter with a blind sided sucker punch as she is just standing in the crowd. As he runs off, you can hear one of the “brave” guys filming yell for someone down the street to stop that guy.

Now, here’s the really sickening part. Two girls are now lying on the ground, who both ended up in ER, and NOBODY even tried to help them up or ask if they were ok! Instead, the people standing around laughed and cheered as if the sight of two small girls getting beat on by a huge, 250 lb man was a sight of entertainment! One of the people watching was a bouncer of the bar this occurred in front of.

NBC 4 reported that the two women had stopped for street hot dogs, when they noticed a man was being rude to a hot dog vendor when he found out the hot dog cost $6. Another vendor offered a free hot dog, but the man wouldn’t stop. “Me and my friend said something like, ‘Just leave,'” she told NBC 4. She said that before the camera started filming, the man had already punched both of them at least once.

The video shows that at one point, one of the women tries to get up and hit him back, and is knocked down again. The man was last scene running toward Sixth St. on Spring Street St., NBC 4 noted.

The woman who spoke to NBC 4 is a nursing student and therapist for children with autism. Her jaw was bruised, and her friend was injured.

You can also see the video in a tweet shared by the LAPD:

The LAPD wrote: “Attention Los Angeles — this guy brutally punched two women at a hotdog stand on Jan. 26 in the area of 6th & Spring. Someone knows him, and we would like to be one of those people. If you have any info contact Detective Gonzalez 213-996-1851 (after hours contact 213-486-6606).”

Some people responded to the tweet and asked what happened before the camera started filming, and questioned if the women had tried to hit the man first. Mike Watson wrote on Facebook that the man was looking for a fight when he started harassing one of the hot dog vendors:

For those wondering how it started, the girls where at a hot dog stand and this guy was causing a scene about the price and getting in the face of the hot dog vendor. Eventually, one of the vendors tells this guy, who is clearly wanting to start a fight with someone, to just take the hot dog and leave. The guy would not leave the hot dog guy alone, and Meghan and her friend said something to him in attempts to get him to leave thus, standing up for the vendor. The guy then hits her in the face! They both don’t remember clearly what happened from then until the video starts.

We decided to post this and want everyone to share it so we can find this guy as you can see him very clearly in the video.

Please help us find out who he is. And if you recognize anyone in the crowd and want to give them a shout out to let them know what a low life they are, please feel free to do that too.

The incident happened on January 26, KTLA 5 noted. The LAPD told KTLA that a report was filed on the case and an investigation is ongoing.

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