WATCH: Woman’s Meltdown at Florida Airport Goes Viral

A woman’s epic meltdown at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport has gone viral on social media. You can watch video of the unknown woman’s bizarre breakdown above, although be aware that it contains profanity and may be upsetting to some viewers.

Chris Murphy, a New Yorker, was at Fort Lauderdale airport getting ready to catch a flight back home when he witnessed a woman melting down at a Jet Blue counter. Murphy grabbed his phone and managed to get the meltdown on video. He posted it to Twitter, where it quickly went viral.

The video shows a young, slim woman wearing a knee-length plaid skirt and a dark top. As the video opens, she seems to be trying to jump over the top of the Jet Blue counter and is screaming, “Nooooo!! Get me out of this f*cked up place! You rapists!!”

Passersby walk past her without batting an eye. A couple of men can be heard saying, softly and to each other, “What?”

“Get me out of here!” the woman screams again, at the top of her lungs. It’s a little tricky to understand what she says next but it sounds like, “I have a f*cking gun on me! Because I’m homeless!”

The flight from Fort Lauderdale to Newark was delayed by around 15 minutes, which may be what set the woman off and sent her into full-on meltdown mode. She was clearly desperate to get out of Florida.

But, sadly for her, it seems that she didn’t make it out of the state, at least not as quickly as she was hoping to. Later on the same same evening, Chris Murphy spotted police arresting the unnamed woman and taking her away. She was again screaming and making a fuss, although this time she kept yelling, “I hate white cops! I f*cking hate white cops!” You can watch that clip here:

JetBlue told Yahoo that they had refused to let the woman onto her flight because she was in a state of intoxication; representatives from the airline said that they had asked police for help removing the woman because she had become “disruptive.”

“On January 6, crew members at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport requested assistance from local law enforcement after a customer was denied boarding for indications of intoxication and became disruptive,” an airline rep told the media outlet.

The Miami Herald said that a report from the Broward Sheriff’s Office said that the woman had initially missed her flight, and that may have been what first set her off. The sheriff’s office reportedly said that the woman had thrown her bag at a wall and had tossed a ripped-up boarding pass at a police officer after she missed her flight. The report said she became “irate” and started cursing at the officers as she was cuffed and taken away.

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