WATCH: London Man Unleashes Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Feminist Rant in a McDonald’s

A middle aged British man was caught on film unleashing a bizarre rant against immigrants, feminists, and “soyboys” inside a McDonald’s in London on Saturday evening. The man’s name is still unknown but the video is quickly going viral on both sides of the Atlantic, so there’s a chance that he’ll be identified soon. You can watch the video of his rant above, or here. Be aware that it is full of racist and misogynist language.

A Twitter user named Alex Parvenu shot the video in a McDonalds in Brixton, in South London. Parvenu describes himself as a “Black Bohemian” and a “Londoner living the American dream.” He’s asking his fellow Twitter users to circulate the clip and help identify the man shown ranting.

The video opens with the man saying angrily that he hadn’t realized the McDonald’s was run by “bloody immigrants.” The McDonald’s in question is crowded, with lots of people at the counter waiting for their food. They all turn around and say, mockingly, “oooooooh.”

The ranter says, “go f*uck yourselves, you mangina feminists.” He faces the crowd and does a sort of bow, before apparently realizing that Pervenu is capturing him on film. “Yeah, get it, bruv,” he says to Parvenu. “I am getting it,” Parvenu replies, and warns the man not to come too close.

At this point, someone in the crowd urges the man to “say it again” and he does, beginning, “You feminist, hairy-faced, mangina, I’m-a-feminists…” He makes some lewd gestures at his own genitals and tells the crowd that they’ve let women rule the world. “You men have given your testicles away, and you’re letting women run the world,” he says. The crowd behind him seems to be both horrified and fascinated by the bizarre rant. “Carry on, man,” says one man, urging him to continue. “Dance, monkey, dance,” says another.

“Shame upon you all,” says the man, bowing forward again. “Shame upon you hairy faced, mangina soy-boys. No wonder the world’s f*ucked. It’s full of feminists and immigrants,” he adds. “That’s why my country is f*ucked. England is f*ucked by feminists and immigrants.”

He spreads his arms wide and seems about to leave, but then he changes his mind and approaches the camera again.

“The world was built by white men,” he says. “You don’t like it, do you? You don’t like the fact that the entire civilization was created by white men. And it bothers you, because you can’t do what we do.”

At the point, the crowd seems to have gotten fed up with the man. “F*ck off,” one man says.

The ranter, now at the door, bows again and says, “white men created the world. For you. We made it all for you to benefit from the world that we white men built for you.”

At this point, a crowd of people gently pushes him out the door, and he’s heard from no more.

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