Bernie Surpasses Biden in Poll as His Endorsements Also Grow: Here’s How to Stay Updated on Both

Getty Bernie Sanders in Portland in March 2016.

A New Hampshire poll just released shows that Bernie Sanders polling higher than Joe Biden in that state. Meanwhile, Sanders is also gathering numerous endorsements since he announced that he’s running for President of the United States. Here’s news on his latest poll and what you can do to stay updated about Sanders’ polls and endorsements.

The New Hampshire poll was conducted February 21-22 for registered voters, Emerson Polling shared.  Only Sanders and Biden polled above the 20 percentage mark.

According to the poll, 27 percent of respondents would vote for Sanders in the New Hampshire Democratic Primary, and 25 percent would vote for Biden. The next closest was Kamala Harris with 12 percent.

Sanders’ largest lead was in the 18-34 demographic with 44 percent and Biden at 11 percent. His toughest demographic is ages 55-74 and 75 and older. In the 55-74 category, Sanders has 18 percent to Biden’s 30 percent, and 75 and older Sanders has 10 percent to Biden’s 39 percent.

Meanwhile, Sanders is also picking up numerous endorsements as his polling appears to be on the upswing. Sen. Patrick Leahy endorsed Sanders quickly, after endorsing Hillary Clinton in 2016. Sanders has also been endorsed by Ro Khanna of California.

Khanna represents California’s 17th District and Kamala Harris’s home state.

Sanders has also picked up an endorsement from Danny DeVito.

News of Sanders’ endorsements and polling is constantly changing, so you will no doubt want to keep up with it every step of the way. Here’s how.

A great way to keep up with Sanders’ endorsements is through a Wikipedia page specifically listing everyone who has given their endorsement to the presidential candidate. The endorsements are categorized by federal officials (Senators and Representatives), state officials, municipal officials, international politicians, celebrities and business leaders, journalists, organizations, and the like. His list is already quite extensive, including a mayor, city legislators, numerous activists and journalists, actors, comedians, and more. If you want to see every Democratic candidates’ endorsements, you can go here.

To keep up with polling for Bernie Sanders, a page called Is Bernie Winning? will tell you automatically what national polls are currently indicating. If the summary isn’t enough, a link on the page will take you here, which shows the current polling for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. In national polls, Biden is still leading Sanders, but the latest poll was taken from February 11-February 17.

[NOTE: This story earlier linked to a Bernie Sanders website which listed which states had open and closed primaries and how to register. Alert readers notified us that this information is actually outdated and shows some registrations as being closed when no registrations are currently closed. The link has been removed for the time being, until the website is updated with current information.]

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