Bob Massi Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Bob Massi Dead

Screengrab via Fox Business Channel Massi pictured in 2017

Bob Massi, a legal analyst with Fox News and host on the Fox Business Network, has died after a battle with cancer. He was 67 years old. KTNV in Las Vegas was the first to report that Massi had passed away on February 6. Massi, who was based in the Vegas-area, is survived by his wife, Lynne, his three children, sons Dominic and Robert and daughter Genna, six grandchildren, along with two brothers, Albert and James.

A tribute to Massi was played on “Fox & Friends” on the morning of February 7, Massi had been a regular feature on the show over the years. Massi had hosted a show on Fox News’ sister network named “Bob Massi Is the Property Man,” where he explained the American real estate landscape to the public. Massi also hosted his own radio show on AM, “You Legal Hour,” which appeared on KDOX 1280.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Massi Had Worked for Fox News Since the Network’s Inception in 1996

According to an official bio, Massi has worked with Fox News since 1996, the same year the station was founded. That would make him one of the network’s longest-serving contributors and hosts. A post on the network’s website on Massi’s death says that he was the second legal analyst hired by Fox. That tribute mentioned that Massi was the Fox legal analyst on the trials of O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, Casey Anthony, Scott Peterson and the Unabomber.

On the website for Massi’s Fox Business Network, his program is described as Massi offering “advice to homeowners who are dealing with declining property values and other problems following the housing crisis. Industry experts join Bob to offer their analysis of property trends and deals.” The show was set in Las Vegas, which Massi said was “ground zero for real estate prices in America.”

2. Massi Said His Gift Was His Ability to Translate ‘Legalese’ for People

Massi was a graduate of Mount Saint Mary’s College in New York and got his law degree from St. Mary’s University School of Law in Texas. His career in litigation began in 1980 while he made his TV debut in 1985. Massi operated the law firm, Robert A. Massi & Associates in Nevada. His firm focused on personal injury, real estate and wills, Massi said on his LinkedIn page. On his firm’s website, Massi wrote, “My greatest satisfaction comes from not being a legal expert in the media, but rather from working face to face with my clients daily to solve real-life issues. My gift is being able to convert intimidating legalese into understandable, workable strategies and resolutions.”

In addition to working with Fox News, Massi was also a legal analyst for ABC’s Las Vegas affiliate. During his career, Massi also wrote legal opinion books, titles included “People Get Screwed all the Time,” “Fine Print and More” and “Identity Theft.”

3. Massi’s Career Began With a Video on How to Get Out of Jail

Massi told the Las Vegas Review-Journal in 2011 that his media career began when he “did a video on how to get out of jail, how to find a lawyer and what do when you’re in an accident. I had a segment called ‘Legal Ease.'”

During the same interview, Massi explained how he became a lawyer saying that his original plan was to go to medical school. That changed when he realized he would take him another 10 years after college before he would become a doctor. Massi said his thinking at the time was “If I want to be a lawyer, I’ll be done in three years and start getting into action.”

4. Massi Said He Never Cut His Hair, Even Though Fox News Honcho Roger Ailes Wanted Him to

Massi told the Review-Journal in 2011 that he never cut his hair, he said, “No. Not even a little bit. People don’t know my name but they see the hair and say, “I recognize you from TV.” It’s sort of become my brand, I guess.” Massi said that when he was first contacted by Fox News chief Roger Ailes about joining the network, Ailes said, “Hey, kid I like your style. Your hair’s a little long, but we’ll work with it.” Massi said he replied, “For every zero, I’ll cut an inch off my hair.”

5. Media Personalities Have Been Taking to Social Media to Pay Tribute to Massi

Bob Massi cancer

LinkedIn/Bob Massi

As news of Bob Massi’s tragic passing spread, media personalities have taken to social media to pay tribute to him both professionally and personally. Here are some of the most poignant messages:

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