Hailey Nailor: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Hailey Nailor

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Hailey Nailor was a 16-year-old girl who tragically committed suicide by jumping off a mall parking garage in Connecticut after posting a heartbreaking final video to Snapchat.

Hailey died after jumping from the 5th floor of the Danbury Fair Mall parking garage parking garage. Although social media posts are focusing on bullying as the possible cause of the teen’s tragic suicide, and police are investigating that angle, The Connecticut Post reports that Hailey’s family does not believe bullying caused the tragedy.

Rather, the newspaper reported, Hailey had struggled in the past with threats to self harm and “anxiety, mood disorder and depression.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Police Were Rushing to Check on Hailey’s Well-Being When the Tragedy Occurred

Horrifically, police were on their way to find Hailey but arrived too late.

According to the City of Danbury Police Department, on February 9, 2019 at approximately 1:20 p.m., officers “responded to a check on the well-being complaint regarding a teenage female threatening suicide at The Danbury Fair Mall.”

“As both Mall Security and police units responded to the area of the parking garage, the area the teen was believed to be, the teen had fallen to her death from atop the mall parking garage,” the police press release states. “Preliminary information indicates that the teen was alone at the time and that the fall was an intentional act.”

The press release continued: “Family members have been notified and the incident is currently being reviewed by police investigators. While we have nothing further to add at this time, our heartfelt sympathy goes out to all those affected by this tragic incident.”

2. Hailey Posted on Snapchat Right Before Jumping

Hailey made a final post through the Snapchat app before she committed suicide, a friend told The Connecticut Post, which reported that Hailey “contemplated whether or not she could jump off the garage” in the video on the social media platform.

“She sadly did go through with it,” Luis Lopez, who saw the video, told the newspaper.

The News Times reported that Hailey also said in the video that no one cared about her, and her grandmother, who went to the mall with her, thought she was in the mall’s Apple store.

3. Danbury Public Schools Says Another Person ‘Posted Inappropriate Information’ About Hailey Online

Screenshots of a nasty social media post about Hailey Nailor circulated quickly online. Danbury Public Schools posted a statement on Facebook addressing the issue:

It is with great sorrow that I share information on the untimely passing of a Danbury High School student on Saturday, Feb 9, 2019. Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are extended to family and friends at this most difficult time.

Danbury High School will have counselors and support staff on hand for any student in need. In addition if at any point you feel your child may be having difficulties, please contact their school principal, counselor or social worker for support.

We are aware that an individual posted inappropriate information regarding the deceased online, and Mr. Donovan, DHS principal, is working with authorities to have it removed. We strongly recommend that if your child has viewed the posting(s) to have a discussion with them.

This is a difficult time for everyone involved. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

Screenshots showing a disturbing social media post have circulation online. One taunts Hailey over her death, referring to her as an expletive. It says, “haha rest in peace (expletive).” People expressed anger about it online. “I’m in shock, this beautiful soul was lost today,” wrote one person online. “…You will get the justice you deserve.” However, Danbury police say they don’t have evidence that Hailey was “prodded” to commit suicide by any other person.

A woman wrote on the school’s comment thread: “It is such a shame…a senseless loss of life. My daughter told me about the bullying this poor child endured. Even with all that has been put in place over the years, it doesn’t seem like it has stopped it. I hope this poor family can find some peace.”

Wrote another woman: “I arrived at the scene right after it happened. My daughter and I were very upset about it and felt worse when we heard about the Snapchat. Terrible and cruel. Prayers to her family and friends.”

4. Friends Described Hailey as Intelligent & Caring

Maria Garcia was one of those who posted a tribute to Hailey on Facebook. “This beautiful,intelligent, caring, loving girl took her life on Saturday morning of February 9th,” she wrote.

“She never deserved what she went through or what got her to that point to make that decision. Many many people cared about her and are so devastated by this unbearable tragedy. She was a great friend to me and always had my back through everything as well to many others.”

Added Garcia: “It’s heartbreaking to know she went the way she did and I wish with every ounce of me I could of helped her make the right decision or someone else could have. But for her I would like to hold a Candlelight Vigil for her to Celebrate her life and get her story out there and show her that people did care about her. Saturday, February 16 around 5 o’clock Danbury Fair mall CT held at JcPenneys parking lot wear white and blue those were her favorite colors.”

Hailey was born in White Plains, New York.

Teacher Nate Wilda wrote on Facebook, “Heartbroken by the tragic loss of one of our students in Danbury over the weekend… you never know what a smile and kind words could do for a person, a sad reminder to always be aware of others around you and tuned in to what they may be going through ??”

5. Hailey Was a Budding Artist Who Wrote Rap Lyrics But Struggled With Mental Health Issues

Hailey Nailor was remembered as a musically inclined person. She enjoyed rap music, writing lyrics, according to The News Times.

“She had more friends than she would acknowledge,” her father, Kevin Nailor, told the newspaper. “She was surrounded by people who loved her and cared about her.”

Kevin Nailor, a teacher, also described Hailey’s struggles with mental health issues in great detail to the New Times. He explained that she had been hospitalized “more than two dozen times for acute care or threats to harm herself or someone else,” eschewed taking prescribed medications, stayed in “long-term residential programs,” and once ended up in juvenile court for stealing her parents’ car. She was released from a hospital the day before she jumped, the newspaper reported.