Is Joshua Trump Related to President Donald Trump?

Joshua Trump and Donald Trump

White House/Getty Joshua Trump and Donald Trump

Joshua Trump is one of President Donald Trump’s State of the Union guests tonight. And no, he’s not related to President Donald Trump. In fact, sharing a name with Trump is the reason he’s a special guest. Joshua Trump was bullied for his last name.

Joshua is a sixth-grader from Delaware who was bullied because he shares the last name as President Donald Trump, even though they aren’t related. His mother’s maiden name is Trump, which was the name Joshua was using until the bullying started.

NBC News reported in December that Joshua, 11, was bullied so much that he decided he would go by a different last name. He was being punched and bullied on a school bus, his mom Megan Trump Berto told Talley Middle School administrators. The school agreed to let him switch buses, and the school disciplined the students involved.

Megan posted a status on Facebook in December urging the kids’ parents to talk to their children about bullying.

His teachers referred to him as Joshua T. to try to help him. The school also began providing counseling for Joshua and changed his last name to his stepfather’s name, Berto, in the school database.

According to a bio about Josh shared by the White House, he loves animals and hopes to have a career one day in a field related to animal care. He also enjoys science, art, and history.

His Uncle Cody, who is in the Air Force, is Joshua’s hero and best friend, the White House shared.

Joshua hasn’t let life get him down, though. Before their State of the Union visit, his mom shared on Facebook that they were visiting the Woodley Park Zoo. She shared photos, including some that showed Joshua having a great time.


And his mom posted a happy photo before Joshua’s appearance at the State of the Union:


Joshua’s stepfather, Robert Berto, wrote on Facebook that he’s proud of Joshua. He and Megan will be accompanying Josh at the SOTU event.