Joshua Trump’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Joshua Trump's family

White House Joshua Trump

Joshua Trump was bullied at his school for having the same last name as President Donald Trump. Now he’s Trump’s special guest at the State of the Union. Learn more about Joshua’s family, including his mom and stepdad, below.

1. His Mother’s Maiden Name Is Trump & She Pleaded With the Parents of the Children at the School To Talk To Their Kids

Joshua playing at a zoo in D.C. before his event.

Joshua is not related to President Donald Trump. His mother Megan’s maiden name is Trump. That was the name Joshua was using for awhile at the school in Delaware.

Joshua’s mom, Megan Trump Berto, told Talley Middle School administrators in Wilmington that her son was getting punched and bullied on the school bus because of his last name and in his P.E. class, NBC News reported. It got so bad that he wanted to change his last name.

Joshua seems to be doing much better now. His mother shared a public Facebook page post the day before the State of the Union, showing her son playing at a zoo in D.C.

2. Joshua Started Going By Berto, His Stepfather’s Name

FacebookA photo before the SOTU shared by Joshua’s mom.

Megan posted a Facebook update on December 6 pleading with the parents of those children to talk to their kids. She asked for her son to be switched to a different bus and the school agreed. Sadly, Joshua also had incidents of being bullied over his last name at his previous school too. This update is not public or viewable, but her post did encourage the school to step in and help.

The school disciplined the children involved and let Joshua change buses. They also changed his last name in the school database to Berto, which is his stepfather’s last name.

3. His Stepfather, Robert Berto, Says He’s Proud of Joshua


Joshua’s stepfather, Robert Berto, said on Facebook that he’s proud of Joshua. He and Megan will be with Joshua at the State of the Union.

In fact, he accompanied Joshua for his birthday, when he went on the radio to share an anti-bullying message. He shared the following picture publicly to show how proud he was of Joshua.


Josh’s sister got to join him on the event too. It was a special event for his 12th birthday.

At one point, Robert had to pull Joshua out of school and homeschool him for a year because the bullying got so bad, Robert told ABC 6.

4. His Uncle Cody, Who’s His Hero, Is in the Air Force

According to a bio about Josh shared by the White House, his Uncle Cody, who is in the Air Force, is Joshua’s hero and best friend. Joshua also loves animals and hopes to have a career one day in a field related to animal care. He also enjoys science, art, and history.

5. Joshua Was Awarded a Medal of Courage in December

Joshua Trump

FacebookJoshua Trump

In December, a Pennsylvania anti-bullying non-profit, Teach Anti Bullying, honored Joshua, Delaware Online reported. He was given the Teach Anti Bullying Medal of Courage at a special ceremony at his home in Claymont.

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