Louis D. Coleman III: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Louis D. Coleman III

Boston Police Department Louis D. Coleman III pictured in a photo released by the Boston Police Department.

Louis D. Coleman III is in custody in connection with the kidnapping of Jassy Correia, who was last seen at the Venu Nightclub in Boston in the very early hours of February 24. A statement from the Boston Police Department on February 28, said that Coleman, 32, was wanted “in connection to the kidnapping” of Correia, 23, a resident of Lynn, Massachusetts.

A wanted alert was sent out by the Boston Police Department on February 28. A few hours later, it was announced that Coleman had been taken into custody in Delaware.

Shortly after Coleman’s arrest was announced, authorities said that Correia’s body was found in the trunk of the suspect’s car.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. February 26 Was Correia’s 23rd Birthday

MISSING PERSON ALERT: 23-year-old Jassy CorreiaThe Boston Police Department is issuing a Missing Person Alert and asking for the public’s help in efforts to locate 23-year-old Jassy Correia. Correia was seen shortly after leaving the Venu Nightclub in the area of 255 Tremont in Boston in the company of an unknown male (see video) at about 12:15AM on Sunday, February…2019-02-28T02:50:36.000Z

The press release says that Coleman is a resident of Providence, Rhode Island. Coleman’s car is thought to be a red Nissan Altima, police said. The statement says Coleman was seen in Providence on February 28. February 26 was Correia’s 23rd birthday. According to Coleman’s now-deleted LinkedIn page, he is a systems engineer at Raytheon, a defense contractor, in Portsmouth, Massachusetts. WHDH’s Kimberly Bookman reports that the Raytheon is “cooperating fully with the investigation.”

2. Video Showed Correia Getting Into a Red Nissan Altima on the Night She Vanished

The Boston police first issued a missing person alert for Correia on February 27.

The original report said that Correia had been seen with an unidentified man just after midnight on February 24. The pair got into a red car at Tremont and Herald Streets in the city. Correia, who is approximately 5’7” tall, was wearing big hoop earrings, an orange jumpsuit and a jean jacket with an image of red lips and pink wings on the back of it. Correia had been attending her own birthday celebration at the nightclub.

3. Correia, a Mother to a 2-Year-Old, Turned 23 on February 26

According to a Facebook post from Correia’s cousin, Katia Depina, the missing woman is mother to a 2-year-old daughter. That post says that Correia was last seen with two women and one of the women’s boyfriend. Depina told the Boston Herald in an interview, “(We’re) hoping she’s alive. She’s never gone missing before. Come home. We love her and miss her and we want to know she’s OK.”

4. Correia’s Father Says Several of His Daughter’s Belongings Have Been Recovered

Jassy Correia Missing

Boston Police Department

Correia’s father, Joaquin, told NBC Boston, “If I don’t see my daughter, I don’t know how I’m going to live. I feel bad. She told me, ‘Daddy, I’m going to go out.'” Joaquin also told NBC Boston that several of his daughter’s belongings, including her purse, have been found inside of her apartment.

Jassy Correia missing

Boston Police DepartmentSurveillance footage showing the last sighting of Correia.

Her brother, Joel, told NBC Boston, “I’m 19 right now. In March I’ll be 20. So, I don’t have anyone to call sister anymore if I lose my sister.”

5. News of Correia’s Death Has Led to an Outpouring of Emotion on Twitter

As news of Correia’s passing spread across the internet, people who did not even know the victim took to Twitter to pay tribute to her life, a life was ended far too soon:


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