Matt House: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Matt House was the communications director for Democratic senator Chuck Schumer. He spent five years in the job, earning a reputation for fairness. But a spokesman for Schumer admitted earlier this week that House, 31, had been forced out of his job after he allegedly had inappropriate sexual contact with junior staffers. No charges have been filed against House, but Schumer’s campaign spokesperson said that his behavior had been making some staff uncomfortable” and had been asked to resign. That story was first reported by the Huffington Post, here.

House issued a statement saying that he deeply regretted his actions and that he apologized to anyone he had hurt. Here’s what you need to know about Matt House:

1. House Blamed His Actions on Alcohol & Said He Has Quit Drinking

A spokesperson for Senator Schumer told the Huffington Post that House had been forced to resign because his behavior was making some staffers “uncomfortable.” The Schumer spokesperson said, via text message, “Upon learning that he had inappropriate encounters within the office and that it was making some staff uncomfortable, he was asked to leave.”

House said that he had made “mistakes” during times when he was drinking too much; he said that he has stopped drinking over the past few months and is working on becoming a better person. He said, “I absolutely loved my time working in the Senate and it was the honor of my life. I deeply regret the mistakes I made on the number of occasions when I had too much to drink, and I apologize to anyone who was affected by my behavior. I have always respected all of my colleagues and I was horrified to learn that I made anyone feel uncomfortable. In the past three months, I’ve stopped drinking and I’ve committed to making myself a better colleague and person.”

2. House Was Named to Politico’s Power List & Was Called a ‘Top Staffer’ by Roll Call

House went to work as communications director for Chuck Schumer in June 2013. Earlier, from 2011 to 2012, he worked as a press secretary for the New York senator. During the years House spent as communications director, he garnered high praise for his work steering Schumer’s office. Politico named House to its “power list” of Capitol Hill staffers in 2017, calling him one of the “sharpest operators” on Capitol Hill. And in 2014, Roll Call named House to its “fabulous 50” list, a grouping of what Roll Call says are “Capitol Hill’s leading staffers – the people behind the scenes who wield the power and drive their party’s message.”

3. House Got His Start in Politics Working on Joe Biden’s 2008 Presidential Campaign

House worked as deputy press secretary for New Hampshire on Joe Biden’s 2008 presidential campaign. Biden’s campaign was short-lived. Biden dropped out of the race after the Iowa caucus, in which he won just one percent of the vote and finished in fifth place. In a speech to supporters after the caucus, Biden said that he was leaving the presidential race but vowed to remain a force in politics. “I ain’t going away,” he said. “I’ll be going back to the Senate as the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee and I will continue to make the case I’ve been making.”

House’s LinkedIn page says that he spent just two months working on Biden’s campaign. Afterward, he went to work for then-Congressman Paul Hodes, eventually becoming Hodes’ press secretary. In 2012, House went to work on Elizabeth Warren’s senate campaign, before coming back to work for Chuck Schumer, this time as communications director.

4. House Married Diana Doukas, an Obama Staffer, in 2013

Matt House and Diana Doukas met when they were both working on the Senate campaign of New Hampshire congressman Paul Hodes. Doukas was the campaign’s national finance director and House was the press secretary. The couple said they started out as friends and quickly became romantic. They married in 2013 at St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Washington. Doukas served as the White House liaison for the U.S. Small Business Administration in Washington in the Obama administration.

After President Trump came into office, Doukas left the White House and accepted a job working as director of social responsibility for the Libra Group, an international business group that works in aviation, energy, hospitality, real estate, shipping, and investments.

5. House Graduated from Hamilton College in 2008

House holds a BA in political science from Hamilton College in New Hampshire. His mother is the associate vice president for finance and planning for Keene State College. His father is the chief information officer of St. Mary’s Hospital in Huntington.