Nancy Pelosi’s Expressions During Trump’s State of the Union [PHOTOS]

Pelosi during Trump's SOTU

Getty Pelosi during Trump's SOTU

Things between Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, and President Donald Trump haven’t been easy lately. That’s why a lot of people are very interested in how Pelosi will appear during Trump’s State of the Union speech tonight. In fact, jokes and memes are already starting to circulate on social media. Here are photos of Nancy Pelosi during Trump’s speech and reactions to what she’s doing.

GettyDonald Trump shakes hands with Speaker of the House of Nancy Pelosi before delivering the State of the Union address.

First, a little background: Trump’s speech was delayed for a week because of the government shutdown, and that was partially because of Pelosi. They’ve been fighting back and forth for weeks. She asked Trump to delay the SOTU until after the shutdown ended.

In response, Trump canceled one of Pelosi’s flights out of the country during the shutdown. Finally, Pelosi told Trump they would not invite him to speak during the shutdown because of security concerns. Trump said he agreed and would not host a SOTU until the shutdown was over. Now, during a temporary end to the shutdown, the SOTU is happening. But a second shutdown looms ahead. In the meantime, we’re having a State of the Union address.

Here are photos of Pelosi and reactions from tonight.

Some say that Pelosi just looks kind of bored.

Others say she’s just thinking about something else, and they found it pretty funny:

And others thought she was being rude in that moment:

But what IS she reading?

Some have joked that she’s doing a crossword.

Sometimes she looked pretty serious, but she might have just been trying to keep her expression blank.

But sometimes she didn’t contain her emotions completely.

Some people noticed her expressions especially while Trump was discussing investigations into his administration.

But at one point, she may have actually raised her hand to stop people from booing or being loud and speaking over Trump.

Then there was the moment she very strongly applauded when Trump talked about compromise.

It was kind of a sarcastic clap:

Pelosi looked very surprised when Trump talked about full paid family leave for both parents of newborns. She wasn’t expecting that announcement.

But overall, she looked unhappy most of the time.

And later into the evening, it really looked like she had taken a lot of notes. You can see some pretty heavy marks through the back of her papers, if you look closely.


And the mystery remains: what is she reading?

This is a developing story.

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