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aaron my 600 lb life


Tonight, fans of My 600 Lb Life will meet Aaron, who is on a quest to lose weight.

Each week, My 600 Lb Life chronicles the experience of a morbidly obese individual who is desperate to shed those extra pounds. With the help of Dr. Nowzaradan, often referred to as Dr. Now, these individuals are forced to follow a strict diet, then often receive gastric bypass surgery or a sleeve gastrectomy to further assist in their weight loss.

What can we expect from tonight’s episode?

Tonight, viewers will meet Aaron, whose mother passed away a while ago. He’s since decided to live at home with his 76-year-old father, who is his main caretaker. Unfortunately, Aaron’s father, who is a war veteran, can’t quite keep up with all Aaron’s needs, and he moves slowly, himself, because of his older age.

In previews for tonight’s episode, Aaron admits, “I do feel bad having to make my 76-year-old father do it all for me. He lost a lot of weight a while ago but he still has a hard time getting around because of his age.”

The video goes on to show the two buying groceries, which is an arduous process. Aaron doesn’t get out of the car when they get to the grocery store, forcing his father to buy the food he wants.

The camera then turns to Aaron’s father who says, “I love my boy, I just don’t like his eating habits. I just stick to the list because I don’t want him to get mad at me.”

While Aaron expresses shame and guilt in having his father to his errands for him, he acknowledges that this can’t go on forever– his father is simply getting too old.

The official logline for tonight reads, ”

“Born and raised not far from Houston in Texas, Aaron has barely ventured outside his hometown. And as Aaron grows bigger from weight gain, his world grows smaller and smaller. Whatever thoughts he may have had of moving out from under his mother and father’s roof went away when his mother passed away, because now his father is elderly and ailing and requires Aaron’s care taking. But at 500 lbs. Aaron stopped leaving the house and kept gaining. And now that Aaron is up over 600 lbs. he has to have his older sister come over to do the laundry because Aaron can no longer fit in the laundry room. For Aaron, the journey to Dr. Now’s clinic is not a far one, but it holds huge significance, because it could mean the difference between ever having a life of his own, and the opposite: eating himself to death without ever seeing what lies beyond his own doorstep.

How will it all transpire? What will go down? Will Aaron get his happy ending? Be sure to tune into a new episode of My 600 Lb life tonight at 8pm ET/PT.

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