Beto O’Rourke Standing on Tables & Things Is the Best New Political Meme Yet

Beto on Tables


Beto O’Rourke likes to stand on tables so much that it’s becoming a meme on social media. Supporters say that O’Rourke’s casual approach is endearing, and media sources have started analyzing exactly why he does it. Meanwhile, a Twitter account called BetoOnTables has emerged, and photos, jokes, and memes about Beto on Tables are gaining more and more traction online.

Vox even shared a story “explaining” why Beto is on tables a lot. The story said that because some of his campaign stops are in smaller, more intimate settings, he stands on tables and countertops to be elevated, letting people see and hear him more easily. Vox also shares that it’s just a byproduct of being so youthful.

His countertop and table preference has even generated some controversy. In a story by Daily Beast, one coffee shop owner said, “His feet are right by the cups,” while looking at photos. Another coffee shop owner said that if O’Rourke visited his shop, he would not be allowed on the tables or counters. The Daily Caller even had a bit of a hit piece, saying that employees had to “clean up after counter-hopping Beto O’Rourke.” (And the fact that there’s a hit piece on the topic pretty much says all you need to know about the 2020 presidential campaign.) The owner of Beancounter Coffeehouse & Drinkery wasn’t upset about it though — he said Beto had to stand on the counter because it was very crowded.

An anonymous employee said “of course” to Daily Caller’s question about cleaning counters, and an employee from Wisconsin said they took extra steps after his visit. “We used bleach because his feet were on it.” This employee wanted to stay anonymous. But multiple people did tell The Daily Caller that he always asks for permission first, so that’s nice. There’s really no scandal here.

Some people do have legitimate concerns about O’Rourke’s feet on counters. But the counters are cleaned thoroughly after he leaves.

Still, the jokes and memes are far more plentiful online than the complaints.

We can’t wait to see the debates.

An organizer said at one of his events that they were setting up a table in the middle of the crowd because he likes to stand on things.

People’s pets are in on the joke now too:

Beto’s preference has generated more laughs than complaints. There are even Beto on Counters and a Beto on Tables Twitter accounts now.

Now this idea would be brilliant:

If there aren’t any counters or tables around, he’ll pick a chair.

Although one time he missed the counter and people were sad:

The talk about Beto standing on tables has gotten interesting, as one person pointed out that Bobby Kennedy did this too.

We are sure to see a lot more photos of Beto standing on tables in the future.

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