Biden, Abrams say Rumors of Sharing 2020 Ballot are False

(Getty) Joe Biden

Joe Biden and Stacey Abrams camps say that the former vice president plans to choose the Abrams as his 2020 running mate are not true. Their representatives put the hearsay to rest almost as quickly as the rumors spread.

“Both Biden and Abrams are considering 2020 Democratic presidential runs, and Biden advisers had reportedly discussed options to mitigate concerns about his age,” reports the AP.

There is no “Grand Plan Hatched” for Biden and Abrams to Share a Ticket

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Biden spokesman Bill Russo tweeted Friday that Biden “has an enormous amount of respect for @staceyabrams (it is why he endorsed her!) — but these rumors about discussions on a pre-cooked ticket are false, plain and simple.”

Biden and Abrams held a meeting, which lead to the rumors. The scuttlebutt was reinforced when it was suggested Biden “would announce a running mate early, well before the nomination is sealed.”

But the meeting was to discuss Abrams next move, and only presumably that of Biden. “The news of the meeting triggered a wave of speculation that their political fortunes could intertwine next year,” reports the AJC. Abrams has said she is considering a White House bid of her own.

Several media outlets reported it would be a mistake for Biden, whose announcement for his own presidential candidacy seems imminent if not delayed, to name Abrams his vice presidential nominee. Writing for Esquire, Charles P. Pierce opines it would be a mistake:

“First of all, historically, this never works and it always looks desperate. It looked desperate in 1976, when Ronald Reagan tried to assuage the Eastern Wall Street wing of the Republicans, the part of the party he was three-quarters of the way to supplanting anyway, by picking Senator Richard Schweiker of Pennsylvania immediately before the Republican National Convention. It didn’t work in 2016, when Ted Cruz announced the formation of a Stop Trump ticket with Carly Fiorina in the second spot.”

Others responded favorably to the idea.

Abrams is Keeping her Options Open

A representative for Abrams tweeted “@staceyabrams enjoyed meeting with @JoeBiden. There was no grand plan hatched and no additional conversations between the two of them or our teams since. She will meet with any potential or declared candidates for pres who ask while she keeps all options for herself on the table.”

Abrams has been meeting with several Washington representatives of late, but has not announced an intention to run for US president in 2020. She would be joining several Democrats poised to seek their party’s nomination.

“Sarah Riggs Amico, a former Democratic candidate for Georgia lieutenant governor, is calling for Democrat Stacey Abrams to be given more space as the former gubernatorial nominee considers her plans for 2020,” reports The Hill.

Abrams was born in Wisconson and raised in Mississippi before her family moved to Atlanta. When she was 29, she became the Deputy City Attorney for Atlanta. After representing House District 89 in the Georgia General Assembly for 10 years, she ran for governor in 2018. Abrams lost the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial race to incumbent Brian Kemp (R) by a narrow margin. Biden endorsed Abrams during her campaign.

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