Did Buster Really Kill [SPOILER] on Arrested Development’s Season 5 Finale?


The last episode of Arrested Development Season 5 was crazy. If you’re still trying to process it and you’re wondering just what we learned about Buster, here’s a quick review, along with some fan theories. This post has major spoilers for the Season 5 finale. 

Only read on if you’ve already seen all of Season 5 or you don’t mind being spoiled about major plot twists.

At the end of Season 5, we learned a few crazy things.

First, there was that whole convoluted story that Michael uncovered with the videotapes involving Buster and Lucille and Lucille’s mother Mimi. Maybe at first you thought we learned that Buster was Mimi’s real son. That was not true. We heard things from Buster’s perspective when he was a child, but he misunderstood the conversation. Mimi, we later learn, is actually Lindsay’s mother.

We’ve known for a while that Lindsay was adopted and is actually a few years older than she had always thought. But fans had a theory that Lindsay was Lucille Austero’s daughter. Instead, she’s actually Mimi’s daughter, adopted by Lucille. Yes, her adopted grandmother is her biological mom.

Buster is still Lucille’s son.

But, Buster did kill his grandmother Mimi. He misunderstood a conversation and pushed her down the stairs. Lucille used hypnosis to try to convince him that she had killed Mimi and he had lied to protect her. You’ll note that his love for juice stems from that hypnosis session, which might also have caused him to believe he’s “just a boy” even as an adult.

There’s an interesting conversation in the finale where Lucille ponders how Buster would have turned out if he had realized he had killed his grandmother and wasn’t just protecting his mother. But that conversation leaves some fans wondering if maybe he does know and was pretending not to.

When the finale ended, we were left with an even bigger question. Did Buster confess at the very end that he killed Lucille 2 aka Lucille Austero?

It’s possible. We don’t know for certain, but the show certainly left us with that impression. It wouldn’t be unusual for the show to throw in a red herring like that too. But now we’re going to be left wondering.

This happened at the very end, when a “mannequin” was stuck in the cement wall after Gob’s magic trick that Buster helped with. Buster didn’t want them breaking into the wall to free the mannequin, but they did. And out fell a corpse.


There were some pretty strong hints that the corpse was Lucille 2. Geroge Sr. said she looked like Judy Garland, and Liza Minnelli (the actress who plays Lucille 2) is Judy Garland’s daughter in real life, for example.

And the corpse was wearing exactly what Lucille was wearing the last time anyone saw her.


But then Buster says: “OK, I did it… But doesn’t she remind you of Mom?”

Is that a confession?

With a renewal for Season 6 still up in the air, there’s a possibility that we’ll never know. But Buster’s last words on the season will certainly leave fans talking for quite some time.

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