Jung Joon-Young: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jung Joon Young Scandal

Getty Singer Jung Joon Young attends the Mnet America show Danny From LA (DFLA) KCON 2014.

A Korean pop singer, Jung Joon-Young, has been catapulted into shame as quickly as he was his stardom, as news reports state that he victimized several innocent women and exploited them, including taping them in sexual positions or acts without their consent.

He has also been said to have taped women’s body parts and shared many of the images and videos with yet another “boy band figure” named Seungri–who himself has been taken into police custody for other crimes and sexual exploitation of women.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. K-Pop Figure, Jung Joon-Young, Secretly Taped 10 Women in Sex Videos, Allegedly

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Jung, 29, a K-pop singer, is now being accused of taping sex videos and sharing them on his phone via chats and message groups.

According to reports, at least 10 women were secretly filmed by Jung. He taped these women illegally and without their consent, which paints him as a victimizer, reports say, as his music career tanks.

Jung is also being accused of misogyny and language that encouraged more sexual criminality.

One website reports the following:

In a chat room in which Jung participated, a conversation reportedly said:

A: X had a one-night stand with Y (girl group member).

B: X, is Y loose?

C: I met with Z yesterday.

D: Z is totally a dirty rag (implying she has slept around).

Then, in a chatroom with ‘A,’ Jung is reported to have asked, “What’s the name of your title song?”

Then, ‘A’ is said to have responded, “The title? It’s ___.”.

Jung then retorted, “It’s a song for vaginas (used as a derogatory term for women).”

2. Reports About Jung Joon-Young’s Alleged Victims Initially Included Celebrity Names But Were Corrected

Initial reports about Jung sharing his hidden footage of women included two other K-pop girl group members and known celebrities.

However, the record was corrected. mentioned have “absolutely no relation” to the chatroom. Also according to a reporter named Kang Kyung Yoon, the bulk of the victims involved are not known celebrities. The reporter said, “Many of them are not aware that they are victims of the hidden camera footage.”

“As unconfirmed personal details about victims are being circulated, there is the concern of additional damage being received by the victims as well as by the celebrities mentioned in false rumors,” she added.

Another website called Dispatch also added, “From [our] research, it was found that there are no famous celebrities who were victims of the videos included in [Jung Joon-Young’s] phone.”

3. Jung Joon Young’s Music Festival Has Now Been Cancelled

Jung’s career is officially tanking, given the series of canceled appearances now plaguing him.

He will no longer perform at a festival called “Beautiful Mint Life 2019,” where he was previously scheduled to attend.

A Korean network called tVN released an official statement:

We are notifying you of the position of the producers of tvN’s “4 Wheeled Restaurant” and “Salty Tour” in regards to Jung Joon Young.

“4 Wheeled Restaurant: Season 3” was originally planned so that Jung Joon Young would participate in our filming in LA and Lee Min Woo would participate in our filming in San Francisco. Jung Joon Young is returning to Korea after completing all of his scheduled filming for the show, so we are currently in the midst of filming in our next location, San Francisco, together with Lee Min Woo. Because the producers fully understand the gravity of this matter, they have decided to completely edit out all of Jung Joon Young’s footage.

The producers of “Salty Tour” have taken into consideration the gravity of this matter, and they have decided to remove Jung Joon Young from “Salty Tour.” From now on, the show will air with all of Jung Joon Young’s footage edited out.

We ask for the viewers’ understanding.

4. Jung Joon-Young Shared Tapes of His Alleged Victims in Chats That Included Another K-Pop Singer Who Was Booked for Brokering Prostitution

Jung’s chats involved a Big Bang (South Korean boy band) member, Seungri.

Seungri reportedly included Jung in a group chat where Seungri allegedly told his employee to procure sexual favors for clients.

Seungri has been booked by the police as an agent for prostitution, according to reports.

Drug use and prostitution exploitation allegations have forced Jung’s pal, Seungri to retire.

“I feel like it is best from me to retire from the entertainment business at this point,” Seungri said on his Instagram page. “I will sincerely submit to the investigation on this matter, and reveal truth to all the allegations.”

Seungri has been booked without physical detention.


5. Some of Jung Joon Young’s Videos Showed Women Who Were Unconscious

Jung’s allegations are as serious as showing unconscious women in his tapes.

According to reports, he shared photographs and videos of women who were unconscious, as well as footage waitresses’ body parts, when he was inside a few bars.

While police have been presented evidence against Jung, reports say that they have yet to begin an investigation into Jung’s acts, so far.

A legal clause called Article 14 in the “Act on the Punishment of Special Cases of Sexual Crimes,” covers secretly filming victims, and comes with a punishment of up to five years in prison or a penalty of up to 10 million won.

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