Karle Robinson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Karle Robinson

Karle Robinson / Facebook Karle Robinson

A black man was held in handcuffs by cops for eight minutes while moving into his own home because officers didn’t that the house was his, it has been claimed.

The American Civil Liberties Union is now calling for an investigation into the detention of Karle Robinson in Tonganoxie, Kansas in Aug. 19 last year.

The civil liberties group has branded the incident as an example of ‘moving while black’.
Here’s what you need to know about Karle Robinson

1. Robinson Is a Former Military Veteran

Karle Robinson is a military veteran

Karle Robinson / FacebookKarle Robinson is a military veteran

Mr. Robinson is a US military veteran and served in the Marines according to reports by the Kansas City Star.

It is not clear where he served in combat.

Robinson is retired and volunteers as a radio DJ at a Kansas City radio station, where he presents a jazz show.

2. He Was Carrying a TV Into His Own Home

ACLU: Black man detained as he moved into his homeThe Kansas chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union has asked state officials to investigate after a black man was detained by police while moving into his home. The incident was captured on police body camera and occurred last August. (March 21) Subscribe for more Breaking News: smarturl.it/AssociatedPress Website: apnews.com Twitter: twitter.com/AP Facebook: facebook.com/APNews Google+:…2019-03-21T22:47:32.000Z

On the night in question the letter claims that Robinson was stopped while moving his TV into his new home.

The letter read: ‘Officer Brady Adams stopped and detained Karle Robinson while he was carrying a television into his home.

‘As Mr. Robinson was going up the stairs of his home, Officer Brady pulled up into his driveway, drew his weapon and instructed Mr. Robinson to put down the television.’

Robinson immediately complied with the directive.

According to the ACLU letter, Robinson observed Officer Brady Adams pass by his home ‘five or six times’ over a two hour period before the directive as he moved items into his new home. He also stated that he made eye contact with the police officer on at least one occasion.

3. Cops Forced Him To Remain Handcuffed For 8 Minutes

Despite Mr Robinson’s willingness to comply with the orders and his attempts to explain that he owned the house and had the paperwork inside, Robinson was handcuffed while Brady radioed for backup, according to the ACLU.

Brady along with another officer went into the house and located the paperwork while Robinson, the homeowner waited in handcuffs.

Brady said that he had placed Mr Robinson in handcuffs because of a string of burglaries in the area. However, when Mr Robinson searched local crime records and spoke to his neighbors, he found that there had been no such incidents.

Brady also could not explain why he spent 2 hours repeatedly driving past Mr. Robinson’s home before entering the property, according to the ACLU letter.

4. Police Allegedly Harassed Robinson For Weeks Afterwards

Mr Robinson also reported repeated police harassment in the weeks following the incident.

In the letter it states that the Police Department: “maintained a regular presence on or near Mr Robinson’s home in the weeks following his detention. TPD squad cars parked directly across the street at the Water Treatment Center almost every evening. They also frequently patrolled around his block. On the evening of August 21 2018, a TPD officer followed Mr. Robinson from his home to the highway for over 5 minutes.

5. Police Allegedly Tried to Stop Robinson Filing a Complaint

Mr Robinson also alleges that Police Department officials made it difficult for him to lodge a complaint against the officers involved in the incident.

The letter adds: “It also appears that the Chief of Police prevented Mr. Robinson from filing a credible, legitimate complaint and that is not in compliance with reporting and intake standards. He must not interfere with citizens registering complaints.”

“I’d like to see those cops and that chief lose their jobs because this was uncalled for — this is strictly racial profiling,” Robinson told The Associated Press in an interview.

He added that if he were white “we wouldn’t even be having this conversation right now.”


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