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Facebook screenshot Kim Gordon aka Kem Avis Gordon, aka Kim Vincent, aka Kem Avis, etc. of Scotland, is accused of faking his death in California to avoid prosecution on two dozen rape charges in Edinburgh. US Marshals are looking for Gordon, a street musician and vendor.

The U.S. Marshals Service had been searching for a Scottish man who authorities believe faked his death in Monterey, California to avoid two dozen rape charges in the UK.

Four months later, the search has ended and he is under arrest. He was captured by US marshals “more than 1,000 miles from the spot of his supposed disappearance,” The Guardian reported.

In a bizarre and convoluted case, 54-year-old Kim Avis, aka Kim Gordon, aka Kim Vincent, or Kem Avis-Gordon, as he’s known to Scottish authorities and on his social media, is Kim Gordon street vendor and “busker;” he roams his Inverness community playing guitar and flute for donations.

Back in March, Avis Gordon was supposed to be in Edinburgh High Court in less than a week but under the name Kim Vincent.

Inverness locals have said he’s probably long out of the U.S. as he has many identities. Many there know him as “Kimmy” the street musician and jewelry seller described as eccentric, at best.

“Today, we can report that 55-year old Kim Vincent Avis (aka Ken Gordon-Avis) was captured this morning by US Marshals in Colorado Springs, CO,” theMonterey County Sheriff said.

Avis is being held by US Marshals until his extradition hearing in Colorado Springs scheduled for later this month.”

Back last winter, The Sun reported that the UK Foreign Office it was “assisting the family of a British man who is missing in the United States and are in touch with the local authorities.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Gordon & His Son, 17, Traveled to California From Scotland Where he Allegedly Faked His Death at ‘Mortuary Beach’

Kim Gordon, aka Kem Avis Gordon, aka Kim Vincent, aka Kem Avis Vincent,

Kim Gordon, aka Kem Avis Gordon, aka Kim Vincent, aka Kem Avis Vincent, is wanted in Scotland for 24 rapes. He faked his death in California to avoid prosecution, cops say.

According to reports and authorities in California, Gordon and his son arrived in Los Angeles from Scotland and then, traveled up the coast to Monterey where on the night of Feb. 25, the teen alleged, his father went into the waters of Monastery Beach, dubbed ‘Mortuary Beach’ by locals because of dangerous currents. Swimming in the dark, the 17-year-old said his father went in the water but never came out.

Divers spent days searching the Pacific Ocean beach, fenced off in areas because of the dangerous currents. Rescue teams from the U.S. Coast Guard and Carmel River State Beach also used drones to comb the coastline and waters looking for his body, presuming he had drowned. But no body was found.

Monastery Beach, dubbed Mortuary Beach, at Carmel Beach State Park has seen dozens of deaths due to dangerous currents.

After days of investigation, Monterey Sheriff’s Office Capt. John Thornberg said it’s believed Gordon faked his death to avoid facing rape charges in the U.K.

2. The Son’s Story Falls Apart & Authorities Learn Gordon is Wanted for 24 Rapes in Edinburgh, Scotland

Although California authorities do not appear to have tried to prevent Gordon’s son Ruben Avis from leaving the U.S, UK media reported he may still face charges in California.

Avis, 17, was the witness to his fathers’ alleged vanishing. But police said his story was riddled with inconsistencies. For example, he said he and his father rented a car in Los Angeles and drove to Monterey County. But there are no records of Gordon renting a vehicle. Police said the father and son may have hitchhiked.

UK media located the teen at the family’s house in Bunchrew, just a few miles outside Inverness, Scotland. He refused to speak to reporters.

3. As U.S. Marshals Searched, Prosecutors in Edinburgh Expected Gordon in High Court to Stand Trial Last March

Gordon is due to be tried in an Edinburgh High Court on March 11 but according to reports, he is listed as Kim Vincent with an alias of Kem Avis-Vincent.

It’s not clear if Gordon, or Vincent, or Avis, is even still in America as was reported by media in Scotland, some believe he may have different passports given his different identities.

“They’re looking in the wrong place! He’s halfway across the Atlantic swimming back to the Eastgate,” a local commented on Facebook.

He’s been accused of being the “town rapist,” while others balk and say he’s not only not guilty, authorities have the wrong man.

Friday, the Monterrey Sheriff reported he’d been caught.

“Back in February, the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office received a report from Avis’s juvenile son that his father did not return from a swim at Monastery Beach. Many resources were used, including a Coast Guard Helicopter, a Sheriff’s Office drone and our Dive Team to search for Avis with no success,” the Sheriff wrote on Facebook.

“We continued to investigate the case and learned that Avis was out on bail for 24-felony sexual abuse charges pending in Scotland. After speaking with his ex-wife, we became suspicious of the drowning report. We re-interviewed his son and determined he was not telling the truth. Avis’s son was returned to Scotland with the help of Monterey County Child Protective Services,” they said.

Over the next few months, deputies worked with The U.S. Marshals Service, Interpol, and Scottish authorities to secure an arrest and extradition warrant for him.

“Last week, US Marshals were able to track him to Colorado Springs due, in part, to a report in March that Avis was spotted in Monterey county driving a newer white ford van in the Big Sur area.”

4. With Many Aliases, Gordon is a Well-Known in Inverness as a Street Vendor & Roaming Musician Who City Officials Said Was The City’s ‘Ambassador’

What his real name is is opaque. Gordon could be Kim Vincent, like the Edinburgh court says he is.

According to the UK’s Daily Record, officials in the town said that Gordon was given a street vendor license that allows him to hawk goods from morning to late night because “there would be a riot if we refused this.”

Elected officials said he is a “city institution,” and that there is “no finer ambassador for the city.”

Adding Gordon is “extremely well-known” people would be stunned to learn about the rape charges and allegations he’s faked his death.

Scroll through the dozens of comments on this UK media Facebook post of the story and you’ll see Gordon described as unusual, an Inverness fixture, a hustler, an eccentric, a creep and also a good guy who once swam Loch Ness for charity. But mostly, people know him because he’s on the streets often selling bracelets and playing his guitar and flute, some say poorly.

Many Scots were critical of him in March. There he is known in the city of Inverness as Kim Gordon. Now, some have taken to social media to share news of his capture.

And curse him out.

5. Gordon, Who Married American Brooke ‘Bee’ Chachetona in 2017, Was Previously Married & Has a Number of Kids. His Back Story is Cloaked in Mystery

It’s said he came to Inverness in the 1980s on a horse named Jimmy and set up a homestead in a caravan (known in the US as a trailer) in the forest. Some say he’s the heir to the Avis car rental company fortune. Others say that’s false.

He was married to a woman named Heidi. But in 2017, married a woman named Brooke ‘Bee’ Chachetona, an American who lived in the Pacific Northwest. UK media showed up at their door in Scotland a few days ago and she told then she’d not comment on the whereabouts of her husband.

Based on her Facebook, she too is an artist.

Note: Brooke “Bee” Chachetona shuttered her Facebook after this story was written.

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