Michael Elijah Walker: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Facebook/Michael Walker Michael Walker pictured on his Facebook page.

Michael Elijah Walker, 19, is accused of shooting his parents, Aranda drummer Michael Walker, and Rachel Walker, dead in Edmond, Oklahoma. Walker, according to KOKH’s Sharda Gray, told police that he had killed his parents because they were satan worshippers and had been sending him satanic messages.

Police were called to the Walker family home in the town of Edmond, less than 15 miles north of Oklahoma City, at around 2:30 a.m. on March 4. Inside, police found the bodies of Michael Logan Walker, 50, and Rachel May Walker, 44, reports KOCO. Both were pronounced dead after suffering from gun shot wounds.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Michael Logan Walker Made People Fall in Love With ‘Effortlessly’

Mike Walker | Aranda @ Rocklahoma2017-10-04T20:46:45.000Z

In an Instagram tribute to Logan Walker, the band Aranda wrote that he had been their drummer for 15 years, touring across the country. One passage reads, “His sense of humor was endearing. He made everything from playing drums to making people fall in love with him effortless.” Aranda is an alternative-rock trio led by brothers Damien and Gabe Aranda who formed the group in 2001. Walker joined the band in 2003 to record the album, “No Justice” after original drummer Armando Lopez left the group. Among the bands that Aranda has toured with includes The All-American Rejects, Sevendust, Saliva, Puddle of Mudd and Three Doors Down.

2. Police Were Called to the Scene by Walker’s 17-Year-old Brother

Investigation Continues After Edmond 19-Year-Old Arrested Accused Of Killing ParentsᐸpᐳWe're learning more about what led to the tragic double homicide of an Edmond couple. The couple's 19-year-old son is accused of shooting them multiple times inside their home. ᐸ/pᐳ2019-03-05T16:51:19.000Z

Edmond Police Department spokesperson Jenny Wagnon told the media that officers were called to the Walker family home by the suspect’s 17-year-old brother, who was unharmed. Wagnon said, “Obviously an extremely emotional situation to hear and to be on the phone having to recount to dispatchers what was happening inside the home.” Adding that Walker was taken into custody without a struggle. A Facebook post from a friend of Walker’s parents referred to the suspect as being “mentally ill.”

Edmond police investigate double homicide of man and woman Monday, son taken into custodyA 19-year-old man is in custody in the shooting deaths of his parents early Monday, police Sgt. James Hamm said. About 2:30 a.m., police were called to a home at 2601 N Bryant Ave., in a wooded housing addition of northeast Edmond, where a younger son of the victims called 911 and said he'd heard…2019-03-04T14:22:54.000Z

Wagnon said, “Once our officers got on the PA system. He actually came out unarmed within about 30 seconds. He followed all the commands and was taken into custody.” CBS Oklahoma City reports that officers have been called to the Walker family home in the past due to reports of a burglary. The suspect has no prior criminal history.

3. Walker Is Facing 2 Counts of First-Degree Murder

Friends Mourn Edmond Couple Allegedly Killed By Their SonᐸpᐳEdmond police are investigating the tragic double-murder of Michael Walker 50 and his wife Rachael Walker 44.ᐸ/pᐳ2019-03-05T04:59:12.000Z

Walker is being held at Oklahoma County Jail on two counts of first-degree murder. Officials do not believe that his teenage brother had anything to do with the killings of their parents. Police have said that the victims were shot multiple times. According to his Facebook page, Walker has been a student at both Edmond North High School and Washburn Rural High School in Topeka, Kansas, attending the latter most recently.

4. Walker’s Father Was Also a Professor at Southwestern Christian University

Mike Walker Drummer

Michael Walker Senior pictured with Rev. Run of Run-DMC fame.

In addition to performing, at the time of his death, Michael Walker senior had been working as a professor at Southwestern Christian University. According to one online profile, Walker Sr. has also taught percussion and drumming at Oklahoma Baptist University, Langston University, University of Central Oklahoma, and Casady School.

5. One Friend Referred to Michael Walker Senior as ‘The Most Talented Man to Ever Touch a Drum Set’

In one online tribute, a friend of Michael Walker Sr. wrote on Facebook, “This is crazy! The most talented man to ever touch a drum set, and the coolest person you could’ve ever met! Rest easy Michael Walker.”

While another friend, K.C. Clifford said that, “Mike was a legend in these parts.” Clifford went on to thank Walker Sr. working on his record and added, “Mike has taught and mentored more young drummers and musicians than you can fathom. He was always teaching, investing in others, helping musicians be better versions of themselves. His absence leaves a gaping hole in our midst. I think the best we can do in his honor is to play the space. He was the master of it, after all.”

One of Walker Sr.’s former students, Matous Kalvach, wrote on Facebook, “Michael Walker was my biggest drum influence over the last 4 years… He taught me how to do cool drum stuff, always joked around in my drum lessons, basically handed me my first music gigs in Oklahoma and introduced me to a lot of my long term friends. He was the greatest drummer I’ve personally met and been a friend of. I WILL MISS YOU MIKE! HOPE YOU EAT A LOT OF GARLIC IN HEAVEN MY MAN! ?”

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