R. Kelly Suicide Hoax: Police Call Reports ‘Unfounded’

r kelly death hoax

Getty R. Kelly was subject to a death hoax

The Chicago police spokesman says a call about R. Kelly accusers planning a mass suicide at Trump Tower was totally “unfounded.” Although the reports caused a flurry of attention on social media, no one was trying to commit suicide. R. Kelly is also doing fine.

Anthony Guglielmi, spokesman for the Chicago Police department, wrote on Twitter: “18th district officers responded and this call is unfounded.”

However, as a result of the initial report, false death hoax reports began to spread about the controversial singer on Twitter. The audio of the call deemed unfounded by police indicated that R. Kelly’s accusers were going to carry out a suicide pact at Trump Tower:

In declaring it all unfounded, the Chicago police spokesman was responding to a tweet from a site called “Spot News” that started to get some traction on Twitter. “Trump Tower: a call of person threatening suicide. be advised, this call involves @rkelly. #ChicagoScanner,” said the original tweet. Spot News is a page on Twitter that reports to monitor police scanners real-time.

Spot News also wrote, “Trump Tower: Officers are performing a well-being check at @rkelly’s condo. #ChicagoScanner.”

Here’s what you need to know:

R. Kelly Is Fine, a Television Journalist Reported

Stephanie Wash, an ABC reporter, then checked in with R. Kelly’s crisis manager and determined he was fine.

“Reports of a situation at R Kelly’s Trump Tower are false. His crisis manager tells me he is with Kelly and he’s fine. Chicago Police tell us they responded to a call ‘…and it was not bonafide. [The] call was anonymous and we went to Trump Tower and it was secure,'” she wrote on Twitter.

TMZ reported that “police officers just left after going inside R. Kelly’s unit and speaking to R. Kelly’s attorneys, who assured them everyone was fine. Turns out the call was from the National Human Trafficking Hotline.”

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