Robbie Leonard: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Maryland Democratic Party Robbie Leonard

Robbie Leonard is the Maryland Democratic Party Secretary. Last month, Leonard took to Facebook to urge his followers to help “dox,” or publicly identify, a group of guns-rights activists. The activists wore t-shirts that read “We Will Not Comply” to a hearing on gun control measures in the Maryland statehouse. Leonard posted photos of the protesters on his Facebook page, writing, “I hope the FBI runs the name of every witness who is wearing a t-shirt that says ‘We Will Not Comply.’ They’re a bunch of terrorists in the making.” That Facebook post has since been deleted, but it survives in screenshots; you can see one here.

Here’s what you need to know about Robbie Leonard:

1. Leonard Is an Attorney Who Has Won Million Dollar Verdicts for People Poisoned by Lead Paint

Leonard, 36, earned his law degree at the University of Baltimore School of Law in 2007. After graduation, he went to work as a Public Defender as a trial lawyer. He also worked on the Public Defender’s government relations team.

In 2012, Leonard left the Public Defender’s office and went into civil litigation. He’s represented a number of Baltimore residents who were poisoned by lead as children. Some of his cases ended in million dollar verdicts, which Leonard says also encouraged other insurance companies to start settling cases without going to trial.

2. Leonard Ran Unsuccessfully for State Senate in 2018

Leonard serves as the Democratic Party Secretary for Maryland. But in 2018, he mounted a campaign for the state senate of Maryland. He won the Democratic primary but lost in a close race against Republican Chris West. Back in 2014, Leonard also ran unsuccessfully for the Maryland House of Delegates.

3. Leonard & His Wife Have One Child

Leonard’s official biography says that he and his wife, Mary, live in Timonium, Maryland with their young son and their dog. The biography notes that Leonard grew up in Cockeysville, Maryland, where he attended Warren Elementary, Cockeysville Middle, and Dulaney High School. He and his family now live in Timonium, the page says.

4. The NRA Has Written Extensively About Leonard’s Case

Ahead of the gun control hearings in the Maryland statehouse, the NRA urged their members to attend and “voice their opposition” to the proposed gun control measures. Afterwards, the NRA wrote about Leonard’s Facebook post, describing his posts as a violation of free speech and the Bill of Rights. The group wrote, in part:

“The bizarre posts offer a glimpse into the fevered mind of the gun control advocate. Revealing a severe dearth of knowledge regarding the Bill of Rights, in Leonard’s view, federal law enforcement should be employed to intimidate his political enemies for conduct expressly protected under the First Amendment. Further, Leonard seems to have little understanding of the structure of American governance. The Maryland Democratic Party Secretary is seeking to marshal the federal government to tamp down local grassroots opposition to proposed state laws of the type that federal legislators have repeatedly rejected.”

5. Leonard Has Wiped His Facebook Page & Swapped Out His Profile Photo for an Image of Adam Samberg

Screenshots show that earlier in the month, when Robbie Leonard posted the photos of gun rights activists, he had a lot of information up on his Facebook page. His high school and university were listed; so were his current and past employers, and his marital status (he’s married). Now, all of that information is gone. All of Leonard’s posts from 2019 have been taken down. The only remaining posts are from back in 2018. Leonard has also taken down his old profile photo and replaced it with an image of Adam Samberg; the caption reads, “Cool Beans.”