Seattle Shooting: Bus Driver Among Multiple People Shot

Four people were wounded, including a city bus driver and motorists, in a mass shooting situation in Seattle, Washington on March 27, 2019.

“Two men were killed and a man and a woman were critically injured in the Sand Point neighborhood Tuesday after a gunman opened fire on several vehicles, including a Metro bus, and carjacked a vehicle when police arrived. The gunman is in custody,” wrote Seattle police.

The men who were killed were named as Richard T. Lee and Dr. Robert Hassan, a retired Air Force colonel. The suspect, Tad-Michael Norman, is a 33-year-old former Microsoft contract employee. You can learn more about Norman here.

Here’s what you need to know:

Police Say the Gunman Shot a Motorist & Bus Driver & Then Caused a Crash, Police Say

This is the account police gave:

Just after 4pm, the suspect, a Sand Point resident, approached a driver near Sand Point Way Northeast and Bartlett Avenue Northeast. The suspect shot the female driver, critically injuring her, before walking into the street and firing on a southbound Metro bus.

The driver was struck by gunfire, but was able to turn the bus around and head north, away from the gunman.

The suspect then approached a second motorist, in a red Prius, and opened fire, killing the driver.

Police arrived and contacted the suspect, who climbed into the Prius and fled the scene at a high rate of speed. He collided with another vehicle a short distance away, killing the other driver. Police were able to take him into custody after a brief standoff.

Medics took the suspect to Harborview Medical Center with nonlife-threatening injuries where he is currently under police guard.

The motive was not yet clear. However, there was a massive response to the scene. Police released some details on Twitter. The identities of the suspect and victims were not yet clear. One person was in custody, police said.

“Officers on scene of a reported shooting near 120th and Sand Point Way NE. One person detained. There will be a significant police presence in the area,” Seattle police wrote. In an update, they indicated, “Multiple victims in shooting incident in area of 120/Sandpoint. Please avoid area as officers investigate.” The shooting occurred in the Lake City neighborhood.

The Bus Driver Was Shot in the Torso, Reports Say

According to the Seattle Times, the bus driver on the Metro Route 75 “was hit in the torso but able to walk to a gurney,” and was taken to the hospital. The newspaper reported that the bus windshield bore the signs of bullet holes.

Some photos and videos emerged of the shooting scene, and there was a massive law enforcement response.

One woman wrote on Twitter on the police department’s thread, “I live in one of the shooting scenes. At 123rd and SPW there were multiple people shot. I believe one is the metro bus driver. The shooter shot at his windshield and the bus had to take quick action. This is horrifying.” This information was not confirmed or denied by authorities yet, who had still to give a news briefing.

The woman, who identified herself as Jessica Ramos, said on Twitter: “I saw the bus driver take quick action. I don’t know who he is but I’m sure he saved people by quickly backing up and turning down 123rd to get away. I hope he is not seriously injured.”

A man wrote on Twitter, “Apparently a 65 Bus Driver was shot. Mine was shortly behind, and we got trapped behind all the cop cars and fire trucks. They eventually managed to reroute us, but we sat there a bit. Very scary, knowing I might have been on that bus if my connection had arrived sooner.”

This post is being updated as more is learned about the Seattle shooting.

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