Beto O’Rourke Houston Rally Live Stream: Watch the Video Online


Beto O’Rourke is hosting his second rally today in Houston, Texas. Here’s a live stream of the event, provided by KHOU 11 News Houston. Right now, this is the only live stream available, but we will add more if they are added. This is a Facebook stream from KHOU. NOTE: This live stream may go down briefly so KHOU can use the camera for news report shots or the stream may be used for reporter test shots, and then it will come back online. Beto’s rally started about an hour late, around 6 p.m. His rally saw an attendance of 10,500 compared to Kamala’s of 2,400 a week earlier in Houston. See photos about that in Heavy’s story here.

The stream above may periodically be silent, but that’s just temporary, possibly due to rights for music that’s played while they wait for Beto. The video should have sound once the speakers begin, and it may also be periodically used for news test shots with the reporter rather than stage streaming. The event was scheduled to begin at 5 p.m. but is starting a little late. By 5:35 p.m., it hadn’t officially started yet, and KHOU mentioned that it might be pushed back to 6 p.m. A marching band did perform right around 5 p.m., but then the rest of the event was put temporarily on hold.

The Periscope stream link is here.

The Houston, Texas rally’s Facebook page is here. So far 2,300 have RSVP’d on Facebook and about 8,300  have expressed interest. The rally is being held at Texas Southern University on 3100 Cleburne Street in Houston, 77004. An interesting note is that O’Rourke’s rally today is in the same location as Kamala Harris’s rally last week — the Recreation and Wellness Center at 3100 Celburne St. About 2,500 people attended Harris’ rally. The big difference is that Kamala’s rally was held inside, while Beto’s is being held outside unless there’s rain.

After his rally in Houston, Beto will head to Austin for a 9 p.m. rally.

After finishing his stint in Texas, O’Rourke will then be heading back to Iowa this coming week, Des Moines Register reported. He’ll spend four days in Iowa next week starting Wednesday. On Wednesday evening he’ll be in Ames and he’ll spend all day April 6 in Des Moines. He will also be making stops in Carroll, Denison, Sioux City, Storm Lake, Fort Dodge, Marshalltown, Grinnell, and Iowa City.

Beto’s official YouTube page hasn’t posted a video for his Houston rally yet. If you haven’t seen his El Paso rally, you can watch it below.

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Local police reported early on that the crowd size of his first rally in El Paso was between 1,000 to 2,000 people, David Siders from Politico noted, but by the end of the event O’Rourke’s campaign was saying the attendance was closer to 6,000 by the time the event was over.

Here’s the 1,000-2,000 estimate from Politico. This was reported around 11:20 a.m., earlier on.

And the 6,000-estimate from his campaign was reported around 12:50 p.m. It’s possible that the crowd size discrepancy is due to more people showing up later. If more information becomes available from local police estimates explaining the difference, we will update this story.

This is O’Rourke’s first big rally in El Paso since he was part of a counter-protest when President Donald Trump visited in February. Read all about the El Paso rally and see more photos in Heavy’s story here.

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