Zachari Brock: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Zachari Brock.

Mugshot Zachari Brock.

Zachari Brock is the driver accused of causing the dramatic Sarasota, Florida hit-and-run crash that was captured in a viral video and critically wounded a beloved teenager.

“State Troopers have found the driver in the minivan they say caused this shocking hit-and-run crash. They’ve arrested 24-year-old Zachari Brock (who they say did not have a valid license),” wrote WTSP-TV reporter Grady Trimble on Twitter. Authorities say “an exhaustive criminal investigation” led them to Zachari Brock.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Crash Left a Teenager, Jack Kelley, in Critical Condition

WATCH: Hit-and-run rollover crash caught on camera in Manatee Co.A dramatic rollover hit-and-run was caught on video in Manatee County Thursday morning.2019-02-28T23:01:11.000Z

The horrific crash left a teenager fighting for his life. Jack Kelley, 19, was in the other car struck by the minivan. According to Fox 13, he was left in critical condition with a brain injury.

The Kia minivan that authorities now say was driven by Brock careened into Kelley’s car on U.S. 41 in Sarasota, Florida on February 28, 2019.

According to ABC Action News, the minivan stopped for about five seconds after the crash before fleeing the scene. Kelley’s car flipped over into a hotel parking lot after, the video shows, it was struck by the minivan.

2. Brock Was Accused of Other Traffic Offenses

Manatee County Court records show Zachari Brock, from Bradenton, Florida, with a traffic offense in December 2018 for driving without a valid license. On January 28, 2019, he was given a deferred prosecution agreement in that case.

Court records show he also was accused in a no valid driver’s license case in July 2018. He was assessed a fine, court records say. The only other alleged offense in his Manatee County history is a seatbelt issue, according to the court records.

Meanwhile, the GoFundMe page for Jack Kelley filled up with well wishes. “To dear Jack and your family, We have you in our thoughts and prayers for a complete recovery. GodSPEED!” wrote one woman, echoing the thoughts of many.

3. Brock Is From Bradenton & Is Accused of Felonies

Zachari Brock is from Bradenton, Florida. He’s now charged with two felony counts: driving without a valid license in an incident with serious injury and leaving a crash scene involving serious injury, Fox 13 reports. “FHP arrests 24 y.o. Zachari Brock of Bradenton as the hit and run driver. he’s charged with leaving the scene of a crash involving serious injury and driving with no valid license involving a serious injury,” wrote Rod Carter, of WFLA-TV.

Kelley tried to avoid the crash, according to Fox 13. Kelley was going to class at State College of Florida when he was struck, reported ABC Action News.

A woman wrote, “I passed this accident after emergency vehicles were on scene, never knowing how it happened. The van driver that left deserves to be the one bearing the pain and the cost, not poor Jack & his family. Reprehensible.”

4. Jack Kelley Is Described as Kind-Hearted & Talented

A GoFundMe account to help with Kelley’s recovery has raised more than $22,000. “Jack Kelley was a victim of a hit and run that resulted in him being in critical condition. He has gone through surgery and is in ICU at the moment. All money will go to his family to help in medical expense and aid in his recovery,” it reads. “Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers.”

Friends and co-workers shared the GoFundMe page information on social media. “Jack is a coworker of mine and he is such a good, kind-hearted kid. This is so tragic. Prayers and love to his family ?” wrote one woman. He was a high school basketball star at Lakewood Ranch High School, others wrote on Twitter.

“Just (a) great kid, smart and very talented!…” wrote a man on Facebook. Another man, who described himself as a manager at Matthews-Curie Ford, wrote about Jack’s dad, “Michael is a member of my work Family and a great man! Please help his family who’s son is fighting for his life after this horrific accident! Good luck my friend! I can’t even imagine your sadness!”

5. Kelley’s Father Urged the Suspect to Come Forward

Jack Kelley’s dad, Mike Kelley, spoke to the news media in Florida and urged the driver of the minivan to come foward.

“Somebody knows, somebody knows that person who was driving that car and they need to come forward,” said Kelley to ABC Action News. To WTSP-TV, the dad said, before Brock’s arrest, “He stopped and watched it and saw that car flip so violently and didn’t stay? He’s not going to turn himself in.”

The father described his son to the television station as loving people and being kind and added, “If you have kids, and your kid was sitting on a bed with tubes out of him, you would probably be very upset. We just want to serve justice.”

A friend wrote about Kelley on GoFundMe, “I played basketball with Jack for 3 years and he was truly an inspiration for me and my game. He talked me into playing for a couple of years even though it was so difficult for me, and it payed off. He was a role model for me and I’m happy to help him in any way I can. Get well soon Jack.❤️”