Camryn Hester: Former Kentucky Student Investigated for ‘Racist’ Snapchat

Camryn Hester Instagram

Camryn Hester is a former University of Kentucky student who was called out for posting an apparent racist snapchat by a fellow Kentucky student on Monday evening.

Since then, the university has confirmed that Hester is no longer enrolled as a student. University spokesman Jay Blanton gave the following statement:

“We are investigating the post now. As for the image depicted, it is disgusting and completely incompatible with the values of this institution. We aspire to be a community of belonging for everyone on our campus — regardless of who they are, what they believe, what they look like or where they are from. We have made important progress toward that end but work remains.”

The UK sophomore who first addressed the situation, Shyla Harton, tweeted, “ !!! This is not okay. As a black Student, I don’t feel safe. If this is how she feels, who’s to say she won’t shoot the school up? What are you going to do about this to Ensure the safety of African-American Students????

The user followed up with screenshots and information on all of Hesters accounts, adding in a subsequent tweet, “Something needs to be done. As a student who pays good money to go here, I shouldn’t have to fear that I could lose my life walking to class because another student feels I don’t deserve the right to live because of my skin color.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Hester’s Alleged Snapchat: ‘N*ggers Should Die’

To see the full snapchat that Hester is being investigated for, you can click on the photo above— but be warned that it says an extremely violent and racist statement.

The photo circulated on Twitter on Monday.

Hester Has Taken Down Much of Her Social Media: See What Was on Her Instagram

This is one of the photos that was available on Hester’s Instagram, prior to her making the account private. As of April 2, Hester has just over 2,000 followers on the platform.

To INSIDER, Harton gave her reasoning for why she notified the school of the apparent Snapchat. She said, “I want other Black students to come [to UK] and experience the love I have for it. I fight for this school and rep it highly. So it sucks that we have things like this that happen and I hope UK gets a handle on it and fast.”

Harton added, “I don’t want this school to be looked at as a bad school. Never would I want that. But I want to be heard, and I want action.”

Harton Gave an Exclusive Interview to Heavy About Hester’s Apparent Snapchat

Harton, the UK sophomore who first reported Hester’s apparent Snapchat to the school spoke with Heavy about her experience seeing the alleged threat. She said in a direct message on Twitter.

I had a friend from another school and she use to be friends with her and showed me her Snapchat. And it wasn’t hard to find the rest of her social media since it’s just her name…With all the mass shootings and hatred going on in the world …I don’t feel safe tbh

Harton added, “For all African American Students, we already face a lot of BS going to a PWI.. we are already [a] minority…This should be looked at like a threat.”

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