Cory ‘Shane’ Disotell: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Cory Shane Disotell

FBI/Facebook Cory Shane Disotell

Update: Domeanna Spell was safely recovered on April 5, 2019, in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Cory Shane Disotell was arrested and was being held by the Teller County Sheriff’s office in Colorado. He’ll be transferred to the custody of U.S. Marshals to face charges.

Cory Shane Disotell, 47, is the man investigators in Louisiana suspect was having a romantic relationship with teenager Domeanna Spell and that he ran away with her. Spell has not been seen since March 28.

Police say Spell got off the bus at Port Barre High School that morning, walked across the street and got into Disotell’s vehicle.

Spell’s older sister, Jerrie Cradeur, has shared that the family tried to keep Disotell away from the teen once they learned that an alleged relationship had been going on. Cradeur said Disotell told the parents that he was in love with the teenager and wanted to marry her.

The Port Barre Police Department, the FBI, the United States Marshals Service, Louisiana State Police, and St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office have all joined the search to find Domeanna Spell. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children also have her listed on its website.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Cory Disotell Reportedly Told Domeanna Spell’s Parents That He Wanted to Marry Their Daughter & Police Had Been Investigating the Relationship, According to Spell’s Older Sister

Cory Shane Disotell reportedly carried on a romantic relationship with the underage teen by asking her to babysit for his granddaughter. He had become friends with her parents and paid her on a weekly basis. But according to Jerrie Cradeur, Spell’s older sister, Disotell doesn’t have any grandchildren. Cradeur told Inside Edition that the babysitting story was just a cover story in order to spend alone time with Spell.

Cradeur explained that Spell’s parents learned about the relationship a few months prior to her disappearance. Disotell allegedly claimed to be in love with Spell and that he wanted to marry her. Spell’s parents forbid her from seeing him again and told Disotell to stay away. But Cradeur said the relationship continued anyway. She said the parents called police after a neighbor reported seeing a man sneaking into Spell’s bedroom window. The police were reportedly still investigating when Disotell and Spell disappeared.

Then on March 28, 2019, the two reportedly took off together. The FBI says they may be driving in a silver 2003 Honda Civic with Louisiana license plate 995CGK. The family is pleading with Spell to come home. Cradeur said she thinks Disotell “brainwashed” her sister into believing she is in love with him.

2. Disotell Does Not Appear to Have a Previous Criminal Record; We Left a Message With the Port Barre Police Department to Learn More

Cory Shane Disotell does not appear to have a criminal background. An online search of records does not bring up any prior arrests or charges, including traffic citations.

A search of federal records also does not reveal any past criminal or civil charges.

We reached out to the Port Barre Police Department to ask about whether Disotell had ever been arrested in their jurisdiction before. The person who answered the phone said she would relay the message to the chief of police. We will update this section once we hear back.

3. Cory Shane Disotell Was Listed as the Owner of a Business in Port Barre But the License Was Revoked in 2016

cory shane disotell

Cory Shane Disotell

Cory Shane Disotell wrote on his Linkedin profile that he has managed his own business called SD’s Tree Service since 2003. He described the services provided as “hazardous tree removal, rope access, limited access trees, trees over houses, etc. Normally a side job service on days off, but full time when things get slow.”

The Lousiana Secretary of State’s website shows that he filed as a Limited Liability Company in April of 2013. But the license was revoked in August of 2016.

We spoke with Public Information Director Brandee Patrick of the Secretary of State’s office. She explained that a business license is automatically revoked after three years if the owner does not file the required annual renewal paperwork. She explained that her office would have been responsible for inspecting the business, but rather just handles the paperwork.

4. Cory Shane Disotell & His Former Wife Filed For Bankruptcy in 2005

Cory Shane Disotell

Pacer.govCory Shane Disotell

Cory Shane Disotell and his former wife, Misti Hyatt, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2005. According to documents filed with the Louisiana Middle Bankruptcy Court, the couple filed as “Individual(s)” (as opposed to a business or partnership) and the nature of the debt was “Consumer/Non-Business.”

The petition states that the Disotells owed between $100,000 and $500,000 to various creditors. Their available assets were listed as being valued at less than $100,000.

The couple was in debt to 20 creditors listed on the petition. They included the IRS, the Louisiana Department of Revenue and Taxation, the Office of Employment Security, Chase Bankcard Services, Discover Card, the La Capitol Federal Credit Union, Sallie Mae, Teche Federal Savings and Wells Fargo Financial.

5. Cory Shane Disotell has Been Described as a Divorced Father; He Has Been Separated From His Ex-Wife Since at Least 2018

cory shane disotell

Cory Shane Disotell in 2015

As referenced in the section above, Cory Shane Disotell was previously married to Misti Hyatt. They previously lived in Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana, according to the bankruptcy record. The city is located about 25 miles east of Port Barre.

As of this writing, her public Facebook page included photos of the two of them together as recently as February of 2015. A friend commented on the above photo in 2017 that they were a “Sweet couple.”

But Hyatt’s page now states that he lives in Texas and is single. She has at least one daughter, but it’s unclear if she is Disotell’s daughter as well. The girl has a different last name.

Disotell appears to have several other family members listed on Facebook, including people who appear to be his nephews and cousins. Hyatt shared an article about Domeanna Spell on March 31, but did not comment on the case.

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