DeMonte Jackson: Intruder Shot by Rapper Bun B

Demonte Jackson and Bun B

Getty Left: Bun B, Right: Demonte Jackson

Demonte Jackson is an Arizona man arrested after getting into a shootout with rapper Bun B in his Houston home, KTRK reports.

Police say Jackson, 20, rang the doorbell to the home around 5:45 pm Tuesday.

The rapper’s wife, Queenie, answered the door thinking it was a delivery and Jackson barged in wearing a mask, police said according to TMZ.

Jackson held the woman at gunpoint and demanded her valuables. “Give me what you got,” he said, according to police.

Queenie offered the Audi in their garage, police say. “Please don’t kill me, please don’t kill me,” she said. “Please, just take the car.”

Bun B, whose real name is Bernard Freeman, heard the commotion downstairs and grabbed his gun, police say.

The rapper confronted Jackson in the garage and fired multiple shots at the intruder. The two engaged in a shootout before Jackson dropped his gun and ran, police said.

Jackson fled on foot and the rapper was able to chase him down and pull the mask off but Jackson managed to get away.

Jackson later showed up at Pearland Medical Center seeking treatment for a gunshot wound several hours later, police said.

Jackson was charged with two counts of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon and one count of burglary with intent to commit another felony.

Bun B and his wife were uninjured in the incident.

DeMonte Jackson Appeared in Court Wednesday

Jackson appeared in court Wednesday wearing a sling on his left arm after being struck in the shoulder with a bullet.

Jackson stood emotionless as the charges against him were read.

Bun B identified Jackson as the suspect in a police lineup, police said.

Prosecutors requested a $50,000 bond for each charge against him.

His attorney said in court that Jackson had been working at BG Staffing for the last six months and attended college for two years in asking for a reduced bond.

His bond was set at $90,000 for all three charges.

Social Media Profile Shows Jackson Was a Football Player

Jackson’s Facebook profile offers few clues as to how he ended up in Texas at the rapper’s home.

His profile says he is from Phoenix, Arizona.

Jackson attended Betty H. Fairfax High School where he played football.

His last public post, in August 2016, says he started a relationship.

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