Ernst Cherizard: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


A manhunt is under way in Florida for Ernest Cherizard who is accused of murdering his girlfriend, with whom he has 1 1/2-year-old twins, and her aunt. And police say Cherizard shot the girlfriend’s 6-year-old daughter at least three times, once in the head.

The child was on life support for a day but Saturday night, she died.

Cherizard, who turned himself in to police Sunday, took to Facebook to apologize to his children and to confess, albeit with a much different version of events than what police allege occurred.

Police say Cherizard shot and killed his girlfriend Eli Junia Normil, 23, who goes by Jenny Normil, her aunt Nicole Guillume, 48, and Normil’s daughter, Elizabelle Frenel, 6.

Reports spelled his first name as Ernst, but his Facebook and family identify him as Ernest and his twins are named for him: Ernest Jr. and Ernestine as he notes in his Facebook post.

Cherizard claims he and Normil fought for a gun and alleges that she was angry and after that he claims he doesn’t know what happened, though says he “deserves the worst that’s coming for me nothing less…”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Haines City Police Chief Jim Elensky Couldn’t Say What he Wanted to About Cherizard Except ‘He’s a Male, Not a Man.’ The Suspect Fled & Was on the Run But Turned Himself in to Police Sunday

Haines City Police Chief Jim Elensky said what Cherizard allegedly did was “disgusting.”

“I can’t say what I’d like to say about him …he’s a male, not a man. Not much of a man to shoot two females and a child.”

Elensky said police arrived at the Citrus Ridge Apartment Complex and found Guillume shot dead outside Normil’s apartment. Inside, police found Normil shot, and in the kitchen of the apartment, Frenel, shot three times with one shot going through her head. She was flown to a Level One Trauma Center at Orlando Regional Medical Center. She died Saturday night.

After the murders, suspect Cherizard fled but turned himself in Sunday after running for two days.

2. Cherizard Confessed on Facebook But Appeared to Blame Both Normil & Having Guns in the House

Police say there was some kind of argument or disagreement between the couple and a confrontation between Cherizard and members of her family, who came to the apartment complex. Later, her aunt returned and asked where her niece was and Cherizard said she’d left. The two argued and, police say, he shot the woman outside the apartment firing at least two shots.

Cherizard, or Tj Primetime Zoe, went on his Facebook and apologized to his children. He and Normil have twins, both named for him; Ernest and Ernestine, born September of 2017.

Cherizard claims he and Normil argued about him seeing his 5-year-old daughter’s mother, his ex, during a visit with the girl, who he said he’d not seen since 2015.

He wrote that he was seeing his daughter Friday. He said he’d not seen her for years and it “kills me inside…”

His mother died in 2017. He said he “didn’t know how to cope…” given her mother’s death and not having seen his daughter since she was a baby.

Cherizard goes on to say that he got a text Friday to meet with his daughter from the child’s mother. He claims that Normil was upset about that.

“my girl wasn’t to happy bout me talking to my ex baby mama to see my kids …”

And then, he claims, he doesn’t know what happened: “…all I know is we was fighting for the gun then I lost it it’s almost like I was hearing voices in my head …” He claims he and Normil were fighting for a gun.

Police reject that given Normil was shot a number of times, her little girl was shot three times, once in the head, and
Normil’s aunt was shot at least twice.

In his Facebook confession, he warns people about having guns in their homes.

“…and one thing plz Guys don’t keep no guns at your home man fr I we had 2 guns one for one for me n now look what happen I fuck my life up …”

There was little to no sympathy for Cherizard and most said he should turn himself in..

Danielle Gillette wrote, “Probably best to turn yourself in before someone retaliates…. u killed 2 women and the little girl is brain dead… but you’re perfectly fine and in good health. Fuk your apology and fuk you!!”


3. Cherizard Apologized to His Children & Said What He’d Done Was ‘Pure Evil.’ Cherizard Claims He’ll Either Kill Himself or Surrender

“Before I turn myself in or kill myself there’s no words I can say to ease ya pain …I love them I deserve the worst that’s coming for me nothing less …” he wrote. He said that he ruined his life and “…the one I truly love and care bout.”

Cherizard wrote his children don’t “deserve this at all they won’t know their mom this is pure evil and I’m not a evil person at all …”

Finally, Cherizard said he is “sorry” and admits he “took a great person live from you guys now it’s time for me to pay for what I’ve done…”

He then names his children and says, “Daddy is so sorry with all my heart I can’t even explain what happened cuz I can’t believe this happened.”

His Facebook is filled with photographs of his kids.

4. Jenny Normil Was 23 & a Full-time Mother Who Attended a Local College. Her Facebook Page Too is Filled With Photographs of Her Children

Jenny described herself as a “Full Time Mommy at Dearly Moms,” who worked at a local club, studied at Valencia Community College, and graduated from Haines City High School.

She has dozens of photographs of her three children on her social media. Her daughter Elizabelle appears as a happy child, clad in Halloween costumes and a Minnie Mouse dress, in school, with her siblings and her mother.

Many people have commented on the Haines City Police Facebook page and local TV news’ social media and the social networking sites of friends and loved ones who are “devastated” by the killings.

“I love you cousin. ❤️ justice will be served! R.I.P,” wrote Te Normil.

5. Police Said Cherizard Was Armed & Dangerous & Needed to be Caught ‘Before he Kills Anyone Else’

Elensky said the most important thing was to first identify the suspect and now, to capture him.

“This is the guy we’re looking for,” he said showing a photograph of Cherizard, who goes by Tj Primetime Zoe on Facebook.

Cherizard is driving a 2011 burgundy Nissan Altima with Florida license plate number GZN C82. He’s been on the run since 7:30 p.m. Friday. His vehicle was last seen at a toll plaza in Boynton Beach, nearly 200 miles southeast of Haines City, a community near Orlando, around midnight, nearly five hours after the slayings. Local and state law enforcement is hunting Cherizard.

“Everyone needs to be on the lookout. He’s obviously armed and he is dangerous,” the chief said.