Jamie Mintz: Vietnam Vet Killed by Teen Granddaughter’s Boyfriend

Jamie Mintz

Fox 2 screengrab Jamie Mintz, Vietnam vet killed by teen granddaughter snuck in.

Jamie Mintz is a Vietnam War veteran killed in his home by a teen boy his granddaughter snuck into their Detroit home, his family told Fox 2 Detroit.

Mintz, 70, was shot and killed in his home Monday by a 16-year-old boy his granddaughter snuck into the home, family members said. The teen was the girl’s boyfriend, WXYZ reported.

Mintz was killed after an argument with the teen.

Detroit police say the suspect left the home with the gun.

It’s unclear if the gun used belonged to the suspect or the victim.

Police say Mintz and the teen fought over the gun and Mintz was shot in the chest during the struggle.

The shooting occurred “in the midst of the argument and they began to tussle over the weapon,” Detroit police said.

Police have not yet located the suspect.

Mintz Was an ‘Easy-Going’ Vietnam War Veteran

Family members told Fox 2 that Mintz was a Vietnam War veteran.

They described the grandfather as ““laid-back,” “easy-going,” a “good guy, a good father, a good uncle, a good brother-in-law, a good husband.”

Mintz recently celebrated his 70th birthday.

He lived with his granddaughter, whose age has not been reported.

Family members said Mintz had security cameras outside of his home and hope the footage helps police track down the suspect.

The ‘Young Guy’ Didn’t ‘Want to Leave,’ Family Members Say

Mintz’s niece Unite Clemons told WDIV that Mintz “asked the young guy to leave.”

“He didn’t want to leave and unfortunately he shot him,” she explained.

“He got shot three times,” she said.

“It’s family. You don’t even have no words,” she added. “There’s no words.”

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