Jeffree Star Working With FBI Tracking Down Black Market Makeup Sellers


Jeffree Star’s BlueBlood eye shadow palette is so popular that not only did in sell-out as soon as it was launched, but the voluminous number of buyers crashed his website.

And that’s the good news.

The not so good news is that Star’s highly pigmented all blue hues palette that sells for $52 has been bootlegged by black market sellers hawking a phony palette on various sites for $100 and more.

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Star, the mega YouTube influencer with 14 million subscribers whose literal rags to riches story is compelling, announced Monday night that he was working with the FBI to catch the criminals.

Here’s what you need to know:

It All Began March 29, Blue Blood Launch Day

Star suggested fans shop the Blue Blood palette and they did. Hundreds of thousands did.

Star was stunned, excited and hearing the cha-ching – Star is worth around $50 million – but blown away by the response. And that’s when the issues began.

“My website never crashes and you guys CRASHED that bitch!!! ? My team and I are working out the issues right now!! Sorry for the delay, the checkout page can’t keep up!!! I’m shook”

It’s still March 29, just hours after the launch and the website crashed and the collection was about to sell out.

“Thank you for being patient!!! ? Website issues are slowly getting fixed.”

An Hour Later, Blue Blood Sold Out Online

“I’m still in shock right now.. Today we did triple in sales what we did on Black Friday and this has been such a monumental moment in my career and as a brand only 4 years in the beauty industry ? THANK YOU for allowing my crazy ideas to become a reality.”

Star was emotional. He explained to fans that “10 years ago I wore blue eyeshadow every day for a year and I was always told blue was TOO loud.. too bright. ? I love how many people are now embracing COLOR again in their makeup routines!! ? I used to let my makeup speak for me when I was too insecure to talk.”

“The old Jeffree who was just discovering makeup in 7th grade would have DIED for a palette like #BlueBlood ? So happy I could finally create what I used to dream about.”

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The next day, he tweeted bright and early and told fans and purchasers that his team was up and at em and ready to start order fulfillment. And he explained in a series of tweets that his products would be re-stocked in April and asked fans and his cosmetic devotees to not purchase his products on eBay or other sites.

The Bootleg Makeup Was Twice the Price & Fake, Fake, Fake

He pleaded with fans to not buy bootleg copies of his singular product.

On Monday, Star tweeted that he’d be sharing a video Tuesday to explain the whole story but suffice that it appears black marketeers have stolen his brand.

“Since it’s April Fools today, I won’t be talking about anything serious but tomorrow I need to share some really fucked up news with you all. ? (It’s not about family thank God) Sorry for being so quiet lately.. But something insane + violating has happened to my brand recently.” The ‘family’ reference perhaps like when he told the story about his mom Laurie Steininger.

Star is Working With Federal Agents

“I know that’s really vague but the last few weeks have been so fucking difficult… and also so amazing with the massive success of #BlueBlood ? My life is a crazy roller coaster and I’m holding on for the ride. I’ll share everything with u all tomorrow. So grateful for you all.”

And so there’s the tea for now. We’ll post his video explainer when it’s up.

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